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noraccurate [a]: strikt, eksakt
discipline [a]: streng, strikt
measure [a]: rigorøs, streng, strikt
rule [a]: streng
character [a]: streng, hard, barsk, strikt
spaaccurate [a]: preciso, exacto
discipline [a]: severo, riguroso
measure [a]: riguroso, severo
rule [a]: estricto, riguroso
character [a]: austero, severo, estricto, rígido
sweaccurate [a]: strikt, exakt
discipline [a]: sträng, strikt
measure [a]: rigorös, sträng, strikt
rule [a]: sträng
character [a]: sträng, hård, barsk, strikt
  1. [adj]: hard-and-fast, invariable [st]
  2. [adj]: rigorous, exact [st]
  3. [adj]: nonindulgent, austere [st], stern [st], blue [st], puritan [st], puritanic [st], puritanical [st], corrective [st], disciplinary [st], disciplinal [st], monkish [st], renunciant [st], renunciative [st], self-abnegating [st], self-denying [st], self-disciplined [st], self-restraining [st], severe [st], spartan [st], abstemious [rt]
  4. [adj]: rigid, intolerant [st]
  5. [adj]: stern, exacting, demanding [st]
antonyms:[adj]: indulgent
Derived terms:constrict, constriction, district, district attorney, nonrestrictive clause, not strict, red-light district, restrict, restricted, restriction, restrictive, rural district, strictly, strictly prohibited, strictly speaking, stricture, unrestricted, constrictor, restrictively, administrative district, arenaria stricta, bathyal district, boa constrictor, border district, business district, city district, coluber constrictor, coluber constrictor flaviventris, congressional district, constricted, constricting, constrictive, constrictor constrictor, derestrict, district line, district manager, district of columbia, election district, federal district, geum alleppicum strictum, geum strictum, lake district, nonrestrictive, residential district, restricting, restriction endonuclease, restriction enzyme, restriction fragment, restriction nuclease, restriction site[Show less / more]
Wiki:writing, the adjective strict is used to modify technical terms which have multiple meanings. It indicates that the exclusive meaning of the term is to be understood. (More formally, one could say that this is the meaning which implies the other meanings.
  1. The wealthy, self-indulgent young man felt oddly drawn to the strict, ascetic life led by members of some monastic orders.
  2. When the teacher is very strict, the students must mind their Ps and Qs.
  3. The doctor ordered her to go on a strict diet.
  4. Id better get going. My father is really strict.
  5. There is a very strict rule forbidding smoking in bed.
  6. The manager of the baseball team is very strict. He is good at keeping the players in hand.
  7. The teacher is strict with his students.
  8. Scott received a very strict education.
  9. Alice was frightened of her strict mother.
  10. Many a mother spoils her sons by not being strict enough.
  11. 500 policemen were put on strict alert.
  12. A strict father makes his children toe the line by thorough training.
  13. Our English teacher is at once strict and kind.
  14. You may as well know that I am a strict instructor.
  15. My mother is strict with manners.
  16. My mother is strict about manners.
  17. I got it through my head that my parents strict rules were for my own benefit.
  18. I always tried to be strict with them and not to smile.
  19. Along with the plants, animal life, too, was developing in harmony with the strict requirements of the land.
  20. Its important to follow a strict diet.
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