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norfood [a]: velsmakende, lekker, appetittlig
spafood [a]: sabroso, apetitoso, apetecedor
swefood [a]: välsmakande, läcker, aptitlig
Synonyms:[adj]: acid-tasting [st], sour-tasting [st], ambrosial [st], ambrosian [st], nectarous [st], bitter [st], bitterish [st], sharp-tasting [st], bittersweet [st], semisweet [st], choice [st], dainty [st], delectable [st], delicious [st], luscious [st], pleasant-tasting [st], scrumptious [st], toothsome [st], yummy [st], flavorful [st], flavourful [st], flavorous [st], flavourous [st], flavorsome [st], flavoursome [st], sapid [st], saporous [st], fruity [st], full-bodied [st], racy [st], rich [st], robust [st], peppery [st], gingery [st], hot [st], grapey [st], grapy [st], mild-tasting [st], nippy [st], nutty [st], nutlike [st], piqua
  1. Nothing is so tasty as the dish you make.
  2. Organic vegetables are popular because theyre safe and tasty.
  3. This chocolate is very sweet and tasty.
  4. Hey, is this fish tasty for real? It looks like a fish that was a black porgy whod fallen in with mobsters and been put on the countries most wanted list!?
  5. What you get from far is tasty.
  6. Happy chocolate that, after having run around the world through the smiles of women, finds death in a tasty and melting kiss in their mouth.
  7. The cake is tasty.
  8. The water is tasty.
  9. French cooking aims at making healthy, tasty food.
  10. Wow, these are tasty doughnuts!
  11. So many tasty foods can be prepared with eggplants!
  12. Even if that restaurant did very tasty food, I wouldnt like to eat there.
  13. My father will prepare a tasty meal for me tomorrow.
  14. These charred bits are tasty.
  15. Wow, that looks tasty.
  16. Whether they are raw, or cooked and fried, tomatoes are always a tasty addition.
  17. The tea is very tasty.
  18. This dish is tasty.
  19. Even though its an hydroponic tomato, its quite tasty.
  20. Ideally, food should be tasty, cheap, healthy, and morally inoffensive.
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