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norcontrol [a]: streng
rope [a]: spent, ste
space [a]: trang, innestengt, begrenset
shoes [a]: trang
clothing [a]: tights, innpåsittende, tett innpåsittende, innpåklengende, snever
behavior [a]: skarp, knussel, ugenerøs, ufri, gjerrig, smågjerrig
spacontrol [a]: estricto
rope [a]: tirante
space [a]: estrecho, apretado, angosto, confinado
shoes [a]: ajustado
clothing [a]: ajustado, ceñido, estrecho
behavior [a]: tacaño, avaro, avariento, mezquino
swecontrol [a]: sträng
rope [a]: spänd, styv
space [a]: trång, instängd, begränsad
shoes [a]: trång
clothing [a]: tajt, åtsittande, tätt åtsittande, åtsmitande, snäv
behavior [a]: snål, knusslig, ogenerös, ogin, girig, sniken
  1. [adj]: binding [st], constricting [st], choky [st], clenched [st], clinched [st], close [st], snug [st], close-fitting [st], skintight [st], skin-tight [st], tight-fitting [st], tightly fitting [st], skinny [st], viselike [st], tense [rt], tight [rt]
  2. [adj]: taut, tense [st]
  3. [adj]: invulnerable [st]
  4. [adj]: compressed, closed [st], shut [st]
  5. [adj]: mean, mingy, miserly, stingy [st], ungenerous [st]
  6. [adj]: scarce [st]
  7. [adj]: airtight [st], air-tight [st], gas-tight [st], dripless [st], hermetic [st], leakproof [st], rainproof [st], waterproof [st], waterproofed [st], snug [st], watertight [st], impermeable [rt], seaworthy [rt], tight [rt]
  8. [adj]: close, fine [st]
  9. [adj]: secure [st]
  10. [adj]: close, equal [st]
  11. [adj]: besotted, blind drunk, blotto, crocked, cockeyed, fuddled, loaded, pie-eyed, pissed, pixilated, plastered, potty, slopped, sloshed, smashed, soaked, soused, sozzled, squiffy, stiff, tiddly, tiddley, tipsy, wet, intoxicated [st], drunk [st], inebriated [st]
  12. [adj]: nasty, difficult [st], hard [st]
  13. [adj]: rigorous, stringent, demanding [st]
  14. [adj]: compact [st]
  15. [adv]: fast
  16. [adv]: close, closely
  1. [adj]: loose
  2. [adj]: leaky
Derived terms:airtight, be in a tight corner, be in a tight spot, draw tight, grip tightly, hold tight, hug tightly, not tight, raintight, shut tight, shut tightly, skintight, sleep tight, squeeze tightly, tight necklace, tighten, tightfisted, tight-lipped, tightly, tightness, tightrope, tightrope walker, uptight, watertight, hold tightly, tights, tightwad, air-tight, gas-tight, hug-me-tight, light-tight, sit tight, skin-tight, sticktight, sticktight flea, tight-fitting, tight-knit, tight-laced, tight end, tight money, tighten one's belt, tighten up, tightened, tightening, tightfistedness, tightlipped, tightly fitting, tightly knit, tightrope walking
  1. Being a teacher, you must learn to keep a tight rein on your emotions.
  2. These shoes are too tight. They hurt.
  3. Check all the loose knots and fasten them tight.
  4. If we hang tight, Im sure we can make it through these bad times.
  5. Ill work that into my tight schedule.
  6. Pull the rope tight.
  7. Hold the racket tight.
  8. Bob was always in a tight spot with the police.
  9. Im traveling on a tight schedule. I dont have the time.
  10. Theyre a little tight.
  11. Sit tight.
  12. The skirt clings tight to her legs.
  13. The collar is too tight round my throat.
  14. Even though Mr Smith was very wealthy, he was a tight wad.
  15. Hold on tight, otherwise you will fall off.
  16. This is a bit too tight around my neck.
  17. This hat is too tight for me.
  18. This coat is a little tight across the back.
  19. These shoes are so tight that I cant put them on.
  20. These shoes are too tight.
Results found in Swedish dictionary

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enggeneral [?]: tight
norgeneral [?]: stramt
spageneral [?]: stramt
Synonyms:spänd, sträckt, åtsittande, stel
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