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norknowledge [a]: umedviten, uvitende, ukyndig
spaknowledge [a]: ignorante, inconsciente
sweknowledge [a]: omedveten, ovetande, okunnig
  1. [adj]: incognizant, oblivious [st], unmindful [st], unconscious [st], unsuspecting [st], asleep [rt], insensible [rt], unconscious [rt]
  2. [adj]: unwitting
  1. [adj]: aware
  2. [adj]: witting
Derived terms:be unaware of, catch unawares, unaware of, unawares, unawareness
  1. The main reason is that the subjects were totally unaware of the possibility of shortcuts.
  2. There is one important fact of which you are unaware.
  3. He was unaware of the enormity of the offense.
  4. He was unaware of the danger.
  5. He was unaware of the situation.
  6. He seems to be unaware of his mistake.
  7. They were carelessly unaware of the danger.
  8. However, the survivors are unaware of that fact.
  9. People often laud Christopher Columbus for all the lands that he discovered, but most are completely unaware of his numerous under-the-sea discoveries.
  10. Tom was unaware of some errors he had made when translating an important document for his boss.
  11. Christian parents who send their children to both Christian and public schools are unaware that some of the required vaccinations are derived from the cells of aborted babies.
  12. Shes unaware of her beauty.
  13. Tom is unaware of what has happened.
  14. When you are talking to someone, sometimes you are unaware that subtly, you are talking about yourself and what is happening in your own life.
  15. I suspect that Tom is unaware of what Mary has done.
  16. I was unaware of the problem.
  17. I was unaware that Tom was having problems.
  18. Tom was unaware of what had happened.
  19. Tom was unaware of the danger.
  20. Tom waited at the bus stop for over an hour, unaware that the bus drivers had called a stop-work meeting.
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