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norpolice [a]: hemmelig
spapolice [a]: secreto
swepolice [a]: hemlig
Synonyms:[adj]: clandestine, cloak-and-dagger, hole-and-corner, hugger-mugger, hush-hush, secret, surreptitious, underground, covert [st]
Derived terms:undercover agent, undercover operation, undercover work
Wiki:Being undercover is disguising one's own identity or using an assumed identity for the purposes of gaining the trust of an individual or organization to learn secret information or to gain the trust of targeted individuals in order to gain information or evidence. Traditionally it is a technique employed by law enforcement agencies around the world and a person who works in such a role is commonly referred to as an undercover agent.
  1. An undercover operative infiltrated the organization.
  2. He was caught by an undercover police officer.
  3. Shes an undercover police officer.
  4. I cant believe Tom was an undercover cop.
  5. The sunglasses made him look like an undercover policeman.
  6. Tom spent three years in the Boston working as an undercover policeman.
  7. An undercover video shows workers allegedly abusing animals at Hybrid Turkeys.
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