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norarea [a]: vidstrakt, omfattende
spaarea [a]: vasto, extenso
swearea [a]: vidsträckt, omfattande
Synonyms:[adj]: huge, immense, Brobdingnagian, large [st], big [st]
Derived terms:devastate, devastating, devastation, vastly, atorvastatin, cerivastatin, fluvastatin, genus malvastrum, lovastatin, malvastrum, malvastrum coccineum, pravastatin, sevastopol, simvastatin, vastness
Wiki:VAST is an American alternative rock band based in Austin, Texas. The acronym VAST stands for Visual Audio Sensory Theater and is the main creation of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jon Crosby. The band is signed to 2blossoms, an independent record company created by Crosby himself.
  1. This vast continent is abundant in fossil fuels.
  2. Fossil fuels are abundant in that vast continent.
  3. The Sahara is a vast desert.
  4. A vast desert lay before us.
  5. A vast forest covers the mountains.
  6. Many men nowadays seem to have the feeling that in vast modern societies there is nothing of importance that the individual can do.
  7. We have vast amounts of unused information.
  8. A vast plain extends beyond the river.
  9. The Milky Way is a vast belt of distant stars, each star a sun like our one.
  10. He acquired a vast amount of wealth in these few years.
  11. He is very much interested in Japanese history. We are surprised at his vast knowledge of the subject.
  12. They crossed the vast continent on foot.
  13. The gangsters extorted a vast sum of money from the rich man.
  14. There was nothing wrong with their ability, it was just that the expense for each unit was so vast that the cost performance was bad.
  15. The Sistine Chapel is a vast chapel built inside the Vatican Palace in 1473.
  16. I think the pope should sell off some of the vast holdings of his church to feed the starving poor.
  17. Your intelligence is as vast as the distance between Bombay and Mumbai.
  18. The vast majority of high school students I know cant read an unknown word and pronounce the letters in the right order, let alone pronounce it correctly or naturally.
  19. The Milky Way is a vast belt of distant stars, each similar to our sun.
  20. Alfonso VI found a vast number of books when he conquered Muslim Toledo in 1085.
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