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norgrammar [n]: hovedform [u]
physiology [n]: røst [u]
feelings [v]: uttrykke, si
spagrammar [n]: voz [f], forma [f]
physiology [n]: voz [f]
feelings [v]: expresar
swegrammar [n]: huvudform [u]
physiology [n]: röst [u]
feelings [v]: uttrycka, säga
  1. [n]: sound [gt]
  2. [n]: vocalization, vocalisation, vocalism, phonation, vox, communication [gt]
  3. [n]: sound [gt]
  4. [n]: articulation, expression [gt], verbal expression [gt], verbalism [gt]
  5. [n]: means [gt], agency [gt], way [gt]
  6. [n]: communication [gt]
  7. [n]: singer [gt], vocalist [gt], vocalizer [gt], vocaliser [gt]
  8. [n]: spokesperson, interpreter, representative, advocate [gt], advocator [gt], proponent [gt], exponent [gt]
  9. [n]: physical ability [gt]
  10. [n]: grammatical relation [gt]
  11. [n]: part, tune [gt], melody [gt], air [gt], strain [gt], melodic line [gt], line [gt], melodic phrase [gt]
  12. [v]: express [gt], verbalize [gt], verbalise [gt], utter [gt], give tongue to [gt]
  13. [v]: sound, vocalize, vocalise, pronounce [gt], articulate [gt], enounce [gt], sound out [gt], enunciate [gt], say [gt]
antonyms:[v]: devoice
Derived terms:invoice, voice box, voiceless, voicemail, active voice, baritone voice, bass voice, chest voice, devoice, give voice, harsh-voiced, head voice, in a low voice, loud-voiced, passive voice, singing voice, small voice, tenor voice, tone of voice, unvoiced, voice communication, voice mail, voice of conscience, voice over, voice part, voiced, voiced sound, voiceless consonant, voicelessness, voiceprint, voicer, wee small voice
  1. Joan of Arc refused to renounce her belief that the voice she heard was from God and none other.
  2. His stern tone and loud voice belied his inner sensitivity and caring nature.
  3. Your voice carries well.
  4. To my surprise, he had a beautiful voice.
  5. If you shout from the top of a cliff, you can hear the echo of your voice.
  6. A bad cold caused the singer to lose his voice.
  7. Too much smoking tends to injure the voice.
  8. Raise your voice.
  9. I can still hear your voice.
  10. Lets begin practicing voice projection.
  11. Mr Hopkins spoke in such a loud voice that I could hear him upstairs.
  12. Betty has a sweet voice.
  13. An operation on his throat helped him recover from the pneumonia, but it left him without his voice.
  14. Tracy, I just felt like hearing the sound of your voice.
  15. Tony has a nice voice.
  16. Tonys voice is nice.
  17. Tony heard her voice and stopped playing the piano.
  18. I just felt like hearing the sound of your voice.
  19. It is in order to hear your voice well.
  20. The room echoes with his voice.
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