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norrequest [a]: skrevet, skriftlig
sparequest [a]: escrito, por escrito
swerequest [a]: skriven, skriftlig
  1. [adj]: backhand [st], left-slanting [st], cursive [st], engrossed [st], graphic [st], graphical [st], in writing [st], handwritten [st], holographic [st], inscribed [st], longhand [st], printed [st], scrawled [st], scrivened [st], shorthand [st], transcribed [st], typed [st], typewritten [st], scripted [rt], written [rt]
  2. [adj]: codified [st], statute [st]
  3. [adj]: scripted
  1. [adj]: spoken
  2. [adj]: unwritten
  3. [adj]: unscripted
Derived terms:handwritten, typewritten, unwritten, unwritten law, unwritten rule, written communication, written language, written work, written account, written agreement, written assignment, written document, written material, written matter, written record, written report, written symbol, written text, written word
  1. It is said that Hamlet is the most interesting play ever written.
  2. Check that your username and password are written correctly.
  3. My friends say Im a prolific writer, but I havent written anything for months.
  4. Youll have this composition written by noon tomorrow, wont you?
  5. I will wait till you have written the letter.
  6. Dont dash off a sloppily written report filled with mistakes.
  7. Having been written in haste, his letter was hard to read.
  8. Having been written in haste, the book has a lot of errors.
  9. As it was written in haste, the book has many faults.
  10. Having been written in a hurry, this letter has many mistakes in it.
  11. As it had been written in haste, the report was poor.
  12. Please forgive me for not having written for a long time.
  13. The rule requires that theses be written in English.
  14. As it is written in simple English, this book is easy to read.
  15. It is written in simple English.
  16. All answers must be written according to the instructions.
  17. Someone who knows English well must have written this.
  18. You should read books written in English.
  19. Do you have a book written in English?
  20. Because it is written in simple English even a child can understand it.
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