English-Norwegian translation of all

Translation of the word all from english to norwegian, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

all in Norwegian

quantityadjective hele
  personadjective alt, alle, hver, hver eneste
  everyadjective all, all tenkbar
  generalnoun alt [n], allting [invariable]
Synonyms for all
Antonyms for all
Derived terms of all
above all, academically, accidentally, acoustically, actually, aesthetically, after all, after all others, all at once, all but, all but last, all kinds of, all of a sudden, all over, all over the place, all right, all set, all sorts of, all the time, all things, all through, all together, all-absorbing, all-American, all-around, allay, all-clear, all-conquering, allegation, allege, alleged, allegiance, allegoric, allegorically, allegory, allegretto, allegro, alleluia, all-embracing, allergen
allergic, allergy, alleviate, alleviation, alley, alleyway, allheal, alliance, Allied Forces, Allies, alligator, alligator pear, all-important, all-in, all-including, all-inclusive, alliteration, alliterative, all-night, all-observant, allocate, allocation, allot, allotment, all-out, allow, allow access to, allow oneself to, allowable, allowance, allowed, alloy, alloyed, all-powerful, all-purpose, all-right, all-round, all-rounder, allspice, all-time, allude to, allure, alluring, allusion, alluvial, alluvium, all-weather, ally, ally with, almost all, alphabetically, angelically, apathetically, appalling, aristocratically, arithmetically, art gallery, ascetically, ask formally, association football, astronomically, at all times, authentically, autocratically, automatically, back pedalling, ball, ball bearing, ball cock, ball game, ball park, ball pen, ball point, ballad, ballast, ballerina, ballet, ballet dancer, ballistic, ballistic missile, ballistics, balloon, balloonist, ballot, balloter, ballpoint, ball-point, ballpoint pen, ballroom, ballroom dancing, ballyhoo, ballyrag, baseball, baseball field, basically, basketball, basketball shoe, be a close call, be financially embarrassed, be pally with, be totally ignored by somebody, beatifically, become generally accepted, befall, beyond all reason, beyond recall, bimetallic, bimetallism, biologically, blackball, blackballing, blind alley, bombastically, bowling alley, buy through an installment plan, by all means, call, call a witness, call attention to, call back, call by, call collect, call down, call for, call girl, call in, call into use, call it even, call it quits, call loudly, call names, call number, call off, call on, call oneself, call option, call out, call someone's attention to, call together, call up, call upon, callboy, calligrapher, calligraphy, call-in, calling card, calling forth, callisthenics, callosity, callous, callow, callowness, callus, catastrophically, categorically, cavity wall, centrally, challenge, challenger, challenging, chaotically, characteristically, choir stall, chronically, city hall, collect call, concert hall, confidentially, continually, conventionally, coverall, coveralls, crestfallen, critically, cryptically, crystal ball, crystalline, crystallization, crystallize, crystallography, cure-all, dalliance, dallying, dance hall, declare officially, defensive wall, democratically, despotically, diabolically, diagonally, dialling, didactically, disallow, dividing wall, dogmatically, downfall, dramatically, drastically, dynamically, eccentrically, ecstatically, educationally, egoistically, electronically, elliptically, emotionally, emphatically, energetically, enigmatically, enthrall, enthralling, enthusiastically, entrance hall, environmentally friendly, equally, equally distant, equally well, erratically, escallop, especially, essentially, eternally, ethnically, euphemistically, euphorically, eventually, externally, eyeball, fall, fall again, fall apart, fall asleep, fall away, fall back, fall behind, fall continuously, fall down, fall due, fall for, fall ill, fall in, fall in love with, fall in with, fall into disfavor, fall into oblivion, fall off, fall on a different day, fall out, fall out of, fall over, fall over backwards to, fall short, fall short of, fall short of one's expectations, fall sick, fall through, fall to pieces, fallacious, fallacy, fallen, fallibility, fallible, falling apart, fallopian tube, Fallopian tube, fallout, fallow, fallow deer, falls, family allowance, fantastically, fatally, finally, fingerstall, fireball, first of all, football, football player, football rugby, football shoe, footballer, for all one is worth, forestall, fundamentally, gall, gall bladder, gallant, gallantry, galleon, gallery, Gallic, gallicism, galling, gallivant, gallon, gallop, galloping, gallows, gallows humor, gallstone, generally, generally accepted, generally speaking, generically, go all over, golf ball, gradually, habitually, hall, halleluiah, hallelujah, hallmark, hallo, hallow, hallowed, Halloween, Hallowe'en, hallowing, hallucinate, hallucination, hallucinatory, hallucinogenic, hallway, handball, have all the luck, have hallucinations, headstall, hermetically, high wall, holdall, hot-air balloon, hypothetically, I wouldn't be at all surprised if, ideally, ignore someone totally, illegally, impartially, incidentally, individually, infallibility, infallible, initially, install, installation, installment, installment plan, intellectually, intentionally, ironically, it's all immaterial to me, it's all the same to me, know-all, know-it-all, let fall, lily of the valley, literally, long-distance call, lost beyond recall, maid of all work, make all the difference, make legally valid, make smaller, mall, mallard, malleable, mallet, mallow, market stall, marshmallow, masked ball, meatball, mechanically, medallion, melodramatically, mentally defective, mentally deficient, mentally handicapped person, mentally retarded, metallic, metallurgy, metaphorically, methodically, misalliance, morally, mortally, most of all, mothball, musically, naturally, netball, nightfall, normally, not allowed, not at all, not be all that bad, not fall for, not really, nothing at all, numerically, occasionally, officially, officially stamped, on all sides, orally, originally, out of all proportion, overalls, pall, pall on, pall upon, pallbearer, pallet, palliasse, palliate, palliative, pallid, pallor, pally, paradoxically, parallel, parallel bars, parallel of latitude, parallelism, parallelogram, partially, past all reason, past recall, personally, personally speaking, person-to-person call, phallic, phallus, phone call, photographically, physically, pinball, pinball machine, pitfall, port of call, practically, principally, problematically, professionally, provisionally, racquetball, rainfall, rally, rally around, rally behind, rally to the defense of, rascally, rationally, realistically, really, recall, rivalling, sallow, sarcastically, sardonically, satanically, satirically, scallion, scallop, scallywag, scholastically, sea wall, seawall, semantically, sentimentally, sequentially, sexually excited, shall, shallot, shallow, shallows, shilly-shally, shooting gallery, shopping mall, shortfall, sick call, side wall, signaller, signalling, small, small apartment, small arms, small beer, small boat, small change, small farmer, small fry, small group, small hole, small hours, small house, small intestine, small letter, small part, small piece, small seed, small sleeping compartment, small talk, small-claims court, small-debts court, smallholder, smallholding, smallish, small-minded, small-mindedness, smallness, smallpox, small-time, snowball, snowball effect, snowfall, so-called, softball, specially, specifically, spiralled, sporadically, squall, squally, stall, stallion, stand or fall by, stonewall, stop gradually, substantially, sudden fall, superficially attractive, swallow, swallow the wrong way, swallow-tailed coat, systematically, tall, tallness, tallow, tally, tally up, tally with, teetotaller, telephone call, terrifically, theoretically, thrall, thralldom, totally, totally lost, totally unfounded, town hall, typically, uncalled-for, unconditionally, unconventionally, unequalled, unintentionally, universally, unparalleled, unrivalled, unusually, usually, valley, verbally, very small, virtually, visually impaired, vitally important, volleyball, voting by call, wall, wall painting, Wall Street, wallaby, wallet, wallflower, Walloon, wallop, wallow, wallpaper, waterfall, windfall, with all possible effort, you're freely allowed, abdominally, abnormally, additionally, all dates, all day, all the best, Allah, allegedly, allied, allusive, antiallergic, apologetically, artificially, artistically, assembly hall, ball gown, ballgown, ballocks, balls, banqueting hall, callously, cannonball, casually, chemically, chorally, circumstantially, city wall, colloquially, commercially, congenitally, cordially, differentially, disloyally, domestically, each and all, economically, electrically, equivocally, esentially, exceptionally, fallibly, filially, football ground, football match, football pool, footfall, foundation wall, fractionally, frantically, frontally, galley, galley slave, geographically, heroically, historically, immorally, in all, installment purchase, locally, magnetically, majestically, manually, mutually, nocturnally, overcall, partition wall, party hall, periodically, perpetually, puffball, reallocate, reallocation, regally, reinstall, ritually, romantically, sallowness, schematically, severally, shallop, shallowness, small bag, small ball, small basket, small bead, small bell, small board, small bottle, small box, small glass, small jug, small mill, small mosquito, small room, small stick, small syringe, small thing, smallest, socially, swallow up, swallowtail, technologically, telephonically, temperamentally, town-hall, trackball, unalloyed, universally valid, vocally, wallcovering, walled, walloping, abaxially, abdominal wall, absentee ballot, abu ali al-husain ibn abdallah ibn sina, abysmally, adaxially, aerially, al-mukalla, albrecht eusebius wenzel von wallenstein, alfred russel wallace, all-day sucker, all-devouring, all-encompassing, all-fired, all-knowing, all-mains, all-metal, all-or-none, all-or-none law, all-or-nothing, all-terrain bike, all-victorious, all along, all arounder, all clear, all day long, all fools' day, all fours, all get out, all important, all in, all in all, all saints' day, all souls' day, all the same, all the way, all told, all too, alla breve, alla nazimova, allamanda, allamanda cathartica, allantoic, allantoid, allantois, allargando, allayer, allegement, alleghany plum, alleghenies, allegheny, allegheny chinkapin, allegheny mountain spurge, allegheny mountains, allegheny plum, allegheny river, allegheny spurge, allegheny vine, allegiant, allegorical, allegorise, allegoriser, allegorize, allegorizer, allegro con spirito, allele, allelic, allelomorph, allelomorphic, allemande, allemande sauce, allen, allen ginsberg, allen screw, allen stewart konigsberg, allen tate, allen wrench, allentown, allergenic, allergic eczema, allergic reaction, allergic rhinitis, allergist, allergology, allergy diet, alleviant, alleviated, alleviative, alleviator, alleviatory, alley cat, allgood, allhallows, allhallows eve, allhallowtide, alliaceae, alliaceous, alliaceous plant, alliaria, alliaria officinalis, allice, allice shad, allied command atlantic, allied command europe, alligator-like, alligator clip, alligator grass, alligator lizard, alligator mississipiensis, alligator sinensis, alligator snapper, alligator snapping turtle, alligator weed, alligator wrench, alligatored, alligatorfish, alligatoridae, allionia, allionia incarnata, allioniaceae, allis, allis shad, alliterate, alliterator, allium, allium acuminatum, allium ampeloprasum, allium ascalonicum, allium canadense, allium carinatum, allium cepa, allium cepa aggregatum, allium cepa viviparum, allium cernuum, allium fistulosum, allium haematochiton, allium neopolitanum, allium paradoxum, allium porrum, allium sativum, allium schoenoprasum, allium scorodoprasum, allium sphaerocephalum, allium tricoccum, allium triquetrum, allium tuberosum, allium ursinum, allium vineale, allmouth, alloantibody, allocable, allocatable, allocation unit, allocator, allochronic, allochthonous, allocution, allogamous, allogamy, allogeneic, allograft, allograph, allographic, allomerism, allomerous, allometric, allometry, allomorph, allomorphic, allopathic, allopathy, allopatric, allopatry, allophone, allophonic, allopurinol, allosaur, allosaurus, allotrope, allotropic, allotropical, allotropism, allotropy, allotted, allover, allow for, allow in, allowably, allowance account, alloy cast iron, alloy iron, alloy steel, allspice tree, allude, allurement, allusiveness, alluvial cone, alluvial deposit, alluvial fan, alluvial sediment, alluvial soil, alluviation, alluvion, allyl, allyl alcohol, allyl group, allyl radical, allyl resin, allylic, altruistically, amanita phalloides, american alligator, american falls, american football, american football game, american gallinule, american wall fern, amorally, amorphophallus, amorphophallus campanulatus, amorphophallus paeonifolius, amorphophallus rivieri, amorphophallus titanum, anagallis, anagallis arvensis, anagallis tenella, andrea palladio, angel falls, angelo guiseppe roncalli, animallike, annual parallax, annually, antheropeas wallacei, antiballistic missile, antiparallel, antonine wall, antonio allegri da correggio, antrozous pallidus, any-and-all bid, appall, appalled, archipallium, ardisia escallonoides, asaph hall, ascaridia galli, aspinwall, asymmetrically, at all, at all costs, atopic allergy, atypically, auditory hallucination, ball-and-socket joint, ball-breaker, ball-buster, ball-hawking, ball-peen hammer, ball-shaped, ball and chain, ball boy, ball carrier, ball cartridge, ball club, ball fern, ball field, ball hawk, ball hawking, ball nettle, ball nightshade, ball of fire, ball over, ball up, ball valve, ballad maker, ballade, balladeer, ballast resistor, ballcock, balldress, ballet company, ballet master, ballet mistress, ballet position, ballet skirt, balletic, balletomane, balletomania, ballgame, ballista, ballistic capsule, ballistic fingerprinting, ballistic galvanometer, ballistic identification, ballistic missile defense organization, ballistic pendulum, ballistic trajectory, ballistite, ballistocardiogram, ballistocardiograph, ballock, balloon bomb, balloon flower, balloon sail, balloon seat, balloon vine, balloonfish, ballooning, ballot box, ballota, ballota nigra, balloting, ballottement, ballpark, ballpen, ballplayer, ballroom dance, ballroom music, ballup, bally, ballyhoo artist, bank swallow, barn swallow, baron hugh caswall tremenheere dowding, barrage balloon, base on balls, baseball bat, baseball cap, baseball card, baseball clinic, baseball club, baseball coach, baseball diamond, baseball equipment, baseball game, baseball glove, baseball league, baseball manager, baseball mitt, baseball play, baseball player, baseball score, baseball season, baseball swing, baseball team, basketball backboard, basketball clinic, basketball coach, basketball court, basketball equipment, basketball game, basketball hoop, basketball league, basketball play, basketball player, basketball score, basketball season, basketball shot, basketball team, bay scallop, bayberry tallow, be-all and end-all, be all and end all, be on the ball, beach ball, beachball, beanball, bearing wall, beef tallow, beer hall, bell-like call, bergall, bestially, betula alleghaniensis, biennially, bilaterally, bilaterally symmetric, bilaterally symmetrical, billiard ball, billiard hall, bimetallic strip, bimetallist, bimetallistic, binaurally, birdcall, biscutalla laevigata, black calla, black mallee, black sally, blackwall hitch, blowball, blue wall, blue wall of silence, blue walleye, bocce ball, bocci ball, boccie ball, boletus pallidus, bookstall, bosie ball, bowling ball, brandyball, breaking ball, browallia, brutally, buckyball, bugger all, bugle call, butterball, by all odds, by small degrees, california allspice, call-back, call-board, call-out, call at, call attention, call box, call center, call centre, call fire, call forth, call forwarding, call into question, call it a day, call loan, call mark, call on the carpet, call one's bluff, call the shots, call the tune, call to order, call waiting, calla, calla lily, calla palustris, callable, callas, callathump, callback, called, caller, caller-out, caller-up, caller id, calliandra, callicebus, calligraph, calligraphic, calligraphical, calligraphist, callimorpha, callimorpha jacobeae, callinectes, callinectes sapidus, calling, calling into question, calling together, callionymidae, calliope, calliophis, calliopsis, calliper, calliphora, calliphora vicina, calliphoridae, callipygian, callipygous, callirhoe, callirhoe digitata, callirhoe involucrata, callirhoe triangulata, callisaurus, callisaurus draconoides, callistephus, callistephus chinensis, callisto, callithricidae, callithrix, callithump, callithump parade, callithumpian, callitrichaceae, callitriche, callitris, callitris calcarata, callitris cupressiformis, callitris endlicheri, callitris glauca, callitris glaucophylla, callitris parlatorei, callitris quadrivalvis, callophis, callorhinus, callorhinus ursinus, callosectomy, callosotomy, calloused, callousness, calluna, calluna vulgaris, calochortus nuttallii, camphor ball, canadian falls, cannon ball, cannonball along, capparis cynophallophora, carnallite, carolina allspice, carpenter's mallet, carryall, catcall, catchall, caudally, caustically, cavalla, cell wall, ceremonially, chagall, challah, challengeable, challis, change-of-pace ball, chaparral mallow, chapfallen, charles cornwallis, charles francis hall, charles martin hall, charles maurice de talleyrand, cheiranthus allionii, chimney swallow, chinese alligator, chinese wall, chopfallen, chorioallantoic membrane, chorioallantois, chuckwalla, circumvallate, classical ballet, cliff swallow, close call, clupea harengus pallasii, clustered poppy mallow, codfish ball, codswallop, coffee stall, coincidentally, comandra pallida, comedy ballet, common allamanda, common mallow, common rose mallow, common wallaby, conditionally, confederate rose mallow, conference call, congoo mallee, conjugally, consequentially, constitutionally, controversially, convallaria, convallaria majalis, convallariaceae, conversationally, copper-base alloy, corallorhiza, corallorhiza maculata, corallorhiza striata, corallorhiza trifida, cordia alliodora, cornwall, cornwallis, corps de ballet, corpus callosum, cost-of-living allowance, cotton ball, counterchallenge, crank call, crataegus crus-galli, crataegus marshallii, create mentally, create verbally, crevalle jack, cricket ball, criminally, croquet ball, croquet mallet, crotalaria sagitallis, crown gall, crustose thallus, cryptobranchus alleganiensis, crystalline lens, crystallisation, crystallise, crystallised, crystallite, crystallized, crystallized fruit, crystallized ginger, crystallizing, crystallographer, cue ball, cuquenan falls, curtain call, curve ball, cynically, cynipid gall wasp, cyrus hall mccormick, dall's sheep, dall sheep, dallas, dallier, dallis grass, dallisgrass, dally, davallia, davallia canariensis, davallia mariesii, davallia pyxidata, davalliaceae, death valley, deferentially, delayed allergy, demoniacally, depreciation allowance, detrimentally, diagrammatically, dictatorially, dilly-dallier, dilly-dally, dillydallier, dillydally, dining-hall, diplomatically, dirt ball, dismally, distress call, diurnal parallax, dock-walloper, dominant allele, dry-stone wall, dry wall, dry walling, drywall, e. g. marshall, earth-ball, earthball, ecballium, ecballium elaterium, echidnophaga gallinacea, echinochloa crusgalli, edgar allan poe, edgar wallace, editorially, edmond halley, edmund halley, edward calvin kendall, edward kendall, effectually, egotistically, eight ball, empathetically, empirically, enallage, end-all, enthralled, enthrallingly, enthrallment, equus caballus, equus caballus gomelini, equus caballus przevalskii, equus caballus przewalskii, eriogonum allenii, eriophyllum wallacei, erysimum allionii, erythrina corallodendrum, erythrina crista-galli, esthetically, ethan allen, ethically, etienne-louis arthur fallot, eumeces callicephalus, european gallinule, eva le gallienne, evenfall, exhibition hall, experimentally, fair ball, fairy swallow, fall-blooming, fall-blooming hydrangea, fall-board, fall-flowering, fall all over, fall armyworm, fall by the wayside, fall cankerworm, fall dandelion, fall equinox, fall flat, fall from grace, fall guy, fall in line, fall in love, fall into, fall into place, fall of man, fall open, fall over backwards, fall under, fall upon, fall webworm, falla, fallaciousness, fallal, fallback, fallboard, fallen arch, faller, falling, falling off, falling out, falloff, fallopio, fallopius, fallot, fallot's syndrome, fallot's tetralogy, fallout shelter, false lily of the valley, false mallow, family alliaceae, family alligatoridae, family allioniaceae, family callionymidae, family calliphoridae, family callithricidae, family callitrichaceae, family convallariaceae, family davalliaceae, family hemerocallidaceae, family phallaceae, family rallidae, fancy-dress ball, farfalle, fastball, fats waller, feather ball, fern ally, field hockey ball, file allocation table, fire-swallower, fire marshall, firewall, first marquess cornwallis, fiscally, fish ball, five-petalled, fleet ballistic missile submarine, florida gallinule, fly ball, folk ballad, food allergy, football-shaped, football coach, football field, football game, football helmet, football hero, football league, football official, football play, football score, football season, football stadium, football team, football tee, footstall, footwall, for all intents and purposes, for all practical purposes, for all the world, forestalling, formally, foul ball, four-petalled, frederick james furnivall, free-for-all, free fall, frenetically, fringed poppy mallow, front-stall, frontstall, function call, functionally illiterate, furnivall, g. stanley hall, gable wall, gabriele fallopius, gabriello fallopio, gall-berry, gall gnat, gall midge, gall of the earth, gall wasp, gallamine, gallant fox, gallantly, gallaudet, gallberry, gallbladder, galled, galleria, galleria mellonella, galley proof, gallfly, gallia, galliano, gallic acid, gallican, gallicanism, galliformes, gallimaufry, gallina, gallinacean, gallinaceous, gallinaceous bird, gallinago, gallinago gallinago, gallinago gallinago delicata, gallinago media, gallinula, gallinula chloropus, gallinula chloropus cachinnans, gallinule, gallirallus, gallium, gallop rhythm, gallous, galloway, gallows-tree, gallows bird, gallows tree, gallup, gallus, gallus gallus, gaultheria shallon, generally accepted accounting practices, genially, genus allamanda, genus alliaria, genus alligator, genus allionia, genus allium, genus allosaurus, genus amorphophallus, genus anagallis, genus ballota, genus browallia, genus calla, genus calliandra, genus callicebus, genus callimorpha, genus callinectes, genus calliophis, genus calliphora, genus callirhoe, genus callisaurus, genus callistephus, genus callithrix, genus callitriche, genus callitris, genus callophis, genus callorhinus, genus calluna, genus convallaria, genus corallorhiza, genus davallia, genus ecballium, genus galleria, genus gallinago, genus gallinula, genus gallirallus, genus gallus, genus hemerocallis, genus mallotus, genus masdevallia, genus pericallis, genus phallus, genus pleurothallis, genus vallisneria, geocentric parallax, geometrically, george catlett marshall, george marshall, geum alleppicum strictum, giant puffball, giant scallop, gildhall, glade mallow, globe mallow, globus pallidus, go all out, go ballistic, goalless, golden calla, goodall, goofball, grace ethel cecile rosalie allen, gracie allen, grammatically, granville stanley hall, graphically, greaseball, great falls, great hall, great mendenhall glacier, great rift valley, great wall, great wall of china, grevillela parallela, ground ball, groundball, guaira falls, guallatiri, guildhall, gum ball, hadrian's wall, hair ball, hairball, hall's honeysuckle, hall of fame, hall of residence, hall pass, hall porter, hallah, halle, halle-an-der-saale, hallel, halley, halliard, halloo, hallowmas, hallowmass, hallstand, hallucinating, hallucinogen, hallucinogenic drug, hallucinosis, hallux, handball court, hanging wall, haptically, hard-skinned puffball, hardball, hare wallaby, harvey wallbanger, have a ball, heal all, hebdomadally, hectically, heimdall, heimdallr, heliocentric parallax, hemerocallidaceae, hemerocallis, hemerocallis flava, hemerocallis lilio-asphodelus, herbert marshall mcluhan, high mallow, highball, highball glass, hiring hall, hizballah, hole-in-the-wall, horizontal parallax, horseshoe falls, hydraulically, hygienically, hypallage, hyperbolically, icefall, idaho falls, iguassu falls, iguazu falls, illiberally, illogically, immediate allergy, imperial gallon, impersonally, in all likelihood, in all probability, in small stages, inconsequentially, independence hall, indian mallow, ineffectually, infernally, informally, inorganically, inspirationally, installation charge, installing, installment buying, installment credit, installment debt, installment loan, installment rate, insubstantially, intercontinental ballistic missile, internally, intrinsically, iris pallida, irrationally, jack crevalle, jack of all trades, james alfred van allen, james marshall hendrix, jane goodall, japan allspice, japan tallow, japanese allspice, john marshall, john orley allen tate, john tyndall, joseph mallord william turner, jump ball, kalaallit nunaat, kallman's syndrome, kendall, kendall's tau, kendall partial rank correlation, kendall rank correlation, kendall test, kinaesthetically, kinesthetically, kite balloon, klamath falls, knuckleball, kobuk valley national park, kukenaam falls, laconically, lacrosse ball, lallans, lallation, lally, lally column, lallygag, landfall, larix lyallii, lasalle, lavalliere, lazzaro spallanzani, le gallienne, lebanese hizballah, legally, lethargically, levallorphan, liberally, light ballast, lily-of-the-valley tree, line squall, lingually, linguistically, listera convallarioides, litocranius walleri, local call, logical fallacy, logically, loire vally, longitudinally, lonicera japonica halliana, low gallberry holly, lowball, loyally, lucille ball, lyallpur, magically, magisterially, mail call, mallarme, malleability, mallee, mallee fowl, mallee hen, malleus, mallon, mallophaga, mallotus, mallow family, manor hall, manuel de falla, marc chagall, margin call, marguerite radclyffe hall, maria callas, maria meneghini callas, maria tallchief, marsh mallow, marshall, marshall islands, marshall mcluhan, marshall plan, marshalling yard, marshmallow fluff, mary mallon, masdevallia, masquerade ball, maternally, matzah ball, matzo ball, matzoh ball, maximally, mcallen, mechanically skillful, medallist, medicine ball, meleagris gallopavo, melon ball, mendenhall glacier, menopon gallinae, menopon palladum, mentally ill, mercalli scale, mesalliance, mesembryanthemum crystallinum, mess hall, metallic-colored, metallic-coloured, metallic-looking, metallic bond, metallic element, metallike, metallize, metallized dye, metalloid, metallurgic, metallurgical, metallurgical engineer, metallurgist, meteorological balloon, microcrystalline, microphallus, miles per gallon, military installation, minimally, minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery, misally, miscall, modern ballet, monaurally, monometallic, morphallaxis, most especially, mukalla, musculus abductor hallucis, musculus adductor hallucis, music hall, musk mallow, musket ball, muster call, mutton tallow, mutually beneficial, mutually exclusive, mutually ruinous, nail-tailed wallaby, nalline, name calling, national baseball hall of fame, nationally, naturally occurring, naval installation, neofiber alleni, neopallium, net ball, new ballgame, niagara falls, nickel-base alloy, nickel alloy, ninepin ball, no ball, non-verbally, nonallele, noncallable bond, noncrystalline, nonmetallic, nonparallel, nonverbally, northern alliance, nuttall's oak, nuttall oak, object ball, obsessionally, oddball, of all time, off-the-wall, once and for all, optimistically, optionally, order galliformes, order mallophaga, order phallales, organically, ortilis vetula macalli, outcall, outfall, overall, ovis montana dalli, pacifically, paintball, paintball gun, palestinian hizballah, pall-mall, pall mall, palladian, palladio, palladium, pallas, pallas's cat, pallas's sandgrouse, pallas athena, pallas athene, pallasite, pallette, palliation, pallid bat, pallidity, pallidly, pallidness, pallidum, pallium, pallone, papal infallibility, parallax, parallel-park, parallel-veined leaf, parallel circuit, parallel interface, parallel lives, parallel operation, parallel port, parallel processing, parallelepiped, parallelepipedon, parallelize, parallelopiped, parallelopipedon, party wall, passed ball, pathetic fallacy, pathetically, patriotically, paulo afonso falls, peanut gallery, pectoral medallion, pedagogically, pedaller, pellitory-of-the-wall, penally, penitentially, pep rally, pericallis, pericallis cruenta, pericallis hybrida, peripherally, permalloy, pessimistically, petalled, petalless, petallike, phalaenoptilus nuttallii, phallaceae, phallales, phallic phase, phallic stage, phalloplasty, phallus impudicus, phallus ravenelii, phaseolus caracalla, picture gallery, pilot balloon, pinball game, ping-pong ball, pink calla, pis aller, plautus alle, playground ball, pleurothallis, polemically, politically correct, politically incorrect, polo ball, polo mallet, polycrystalline, pool ball, popcorn ball, poppy mallow, porcupine ball, potentially, powder metallurgy, prairie mallow, pratfall, press gallery, preternaturally, prima ballerina, prodigally, professional baseball, professional basketball, professional football, proportionally, prosaically, proscenium wall, providentially, prunus alleghaniensis, pseudohallucination, pseudosmallpox, publically, pull out all the stops, punchball, punching ball, punctually, puritanically, purple gallinule, purple poppy mallow, pushball, pyrogallic, pyrogallic acid, pyrogallol, pyrophoric alloy, quercus nuttalli, quizzically, radclyffe hall, radially symmetrical, rallentando, rallidae, rallying, rallying cry, rallying point, randall jarrell, rapscallion, reallot, reallotment, recall dose, recessive allele, reciprocally, red false mallow, republic of the marshall islands, residence hall, retaining wall, reverentially, rhapsodically, rhus copallina, richard e. smalley, richard errett smalley, richard horatio edgar wallace, richard smalley, rifle ball, rift valley, rift valley fever, rock wallaby, rogue's gallery, roll call, rose mallow, roulette ball, royally, rugby ball, rugby football, ruhr valley, salafast group for call and combat, sallade, sallet, sally, sally forth, sally lunn, sally out, sallying forth, salt marsh mallow, san fernando valley, san joaquin valley, sandalled, santiago de los caballeros, sarvepalli radhakrishnan, sausage balloon, save-all, scallop shell, scalloped, scallopine, scallopini, sceptically, scomberomorus cavalla, scottish lallans, screwball, screwballer, sea scallop, sea swallow, seashore mallow, secret ballot, semiannually, sensually, service call, sexually attractive, sexually transmitted disease, shall-flower, shallon, shallow-draft, shallow-draught, shallow fording, shallu, shenandoah valley, shillyshally, ship's galley, shower stall, siberian wall flower, sidewall, sieur de lasalle, signal caller, signally, silicon valley, sioux falls, sir sarvepalli radhakrishnan, sir william wallace, siren call, skeptically, skittle alley, skittle ball, small-arm, small-cap, small-capitalisation, small-capitalization, small-eared, small-for-gestational-age infant, small-fruited, small-grained, small-leaved lime, small-leaved linden, small-mindedly, small-particle pollution, small-scale, small-seeded, small-toothed, small-winged, small business administration, small businessman, small calorie, small cane, small cap, small capital, small cell carcinoma, small civet, small computer system interface, small cranberry, small fortune, small indefinite amount, small indefinite quantity, small loan company, small magellanic cloud, small person, small print, small ship, small slam, small stores, small stuff, small town, small voice, small white, small white aster, smaller, smaller pectoral muscle, smalley, smalleye hammerhead, smallmouth, smallmouth bass, smallmouth black bass, smallmouthed bass, smallmouthed black bass, smallpox virus, smalltooth sawfish, smooth earthball, soccer ball, socially connected, softball game, solar parallax, sourball, spaghetti and meatballs, spall, spallanzani, spallation, spasmodically, spend-all, spitball, spruce gall aphid, squall line, squalling, squash ball, stalked puffball, stall-fed, stall bar, stalling, stalls, star earthball, starting stall, stellar parallax, stephane mallarme, stickball, stickball game, stone wall, stonewall jackson, stonewaller, stonewalling, storage allocation, strip mall, study hall, subgenus calliopsis, submarine ball, sun valley, supernaturally, supervisor call instruction, supreme allied commander atlantic, supreme allied commander europe, supreme headquarters allied powers europe, swallow-tailed, swallow-tailed hawk, swallow-tailed kite, swallow dive, swallow hole, swallow shrike, swallow wort, swallowed, swallowwort, swamp mallow, swamp rose mallow, swedish meatball, symmetrically, sympathetically, system call, tactually, tall-grass, tall-growing, tall-stalked, tall bellflower, tall bilberry, tall buttercup, tall crowfoot, tall cupflower, tall field buttercup, tall gallberry holly, tall goldenrod, tall mallow, tall meadow grass, tall oat grass, tall oil, tall order, tall sunflower, tall tale, tall white violet, tall yellow-eye, tallahassee, tallapoosa, tallapoosa river, tallboy, tallchief, talleyrand, tallgrass, tallin, tallinn, tallis, tallish, tallith, tallow oil, tallulah bankhead, tally clerk, tallyman, tammany hall, tea ball, telegraphically, ten-gallon hat, tennis ball, terrestrially, tetherball, tetralogy of fallot, tetrao urogallus, thallium, thalloid, thallophyta, thallophyte, thallophytic, thallus, theatrically, thomas hopkins gallaudet, thomas tallis, thomas wright waller, three-petalled, three-way calling, thumbstall, time-ball, tin pan alley, tjalling charles koopmans, tjalling koopmans, to all intents and purposes, toll call, tomalley, topgallant, topgallant mast, topgallant sail, topically, touch football, transversally, travel allowance, tree mallow, tree swallow, tree wallaby, trial balloon, true puffball, trunk call, tugela falls, turkish hizballah, twin falls, two-note call, tympanuchus pallidicinctus, tyndall, tyndall effect, type i allergic reaction, type iv allergic reaction, unchallengeable, unchallenged, uncharacteristically, unconstitutionally, uncontroversially, uncritically, uncrystallised, uncrystallized, undemocratically, undiplomatically, undramatically, unemotionally, unenergetically, unenthusiastically, unequally, unequivocally, unethically, ungallant, ungrammatically, unhallow, unhallowed, unhygienically, unilaterally, unmalleability, unmalleable, unmusically, unnaturally, unofficially
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Definitions of all
1. all - completely given to or absorbed by; "became all attention"
  complete having every necessary or normal part or component or step; "a complete meal"; "a complete wardrobe"; "a complete set of the Britannica"; "a complete set of china"; "a complete defeat"; "a complete accounting"
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