English-Norwegian translation of angelic


Definitions of angelic
1. angelic - marked by utter benignity; resembling or befitting an angel or saint; "angelic beneficence"; "a beatific smile"; "a saintly concern for his fellow men"; "my sainted mother"
  angelical, beatific, saintlike, saintly, sainted
  good thorough; "had a good workout"; "gave the house a good cleaning"
2. angelic - having a sweet nature befitting an angel or cherub; "an angelic smile"; "a cherubic face"; "looking so seraphic when he slept"; "a sweet disposition"
  angelical, cherubic, seraphic, sweet
  lovable, loveable having characteristics that attract love or affection; "a mischievous but lovable child"
3. angelic - of or relating to angels; "angelic messenger"
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