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Translation of the word asset from english to norwegian, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

asset in Norwegian

accountingnoun aktiva [up]
  propertynoun besittelse [u], eiendom [u]
Synonyms for asset
noun plus, quality
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Definitions of asset
1. asset - a useful or valuable quality
  liability the quality of being something that holds you back
  quality an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
  resource a source of aid or support that may be drawn upon when needed; "the local library is a valuable resource"
  vantage, advantage place or situation affording some advantage (especially a comprehensive view or commanding perspective)
  strong point, long suit, metier, strong suit, forte, speciality, specialty, strength in a hand, the suit having the most cards
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