English-Norwegian translation of atrocity

Translation of the word atrocity from english to norwegian, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

atrocity in Norwegian

behaviornoun uhyggelighet [u], grimhet [u], skjendighet [u]
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Definitions of atrocity
1. atrocity - an act of atrocious cruelty
  inhuman treatment, cruelty a cruel act; a deliberate infliction of pain and suffering
  barbarism, barbarity, brutality, savagery a brutal barbarous savage act
  outrage a wantonly cruel act
  enormity an act of extreme wickedness
2. atrocity - the quality of being shockingly cruel and inhumane
  atrociousness, barbarity, barbarousness, heinousness
  inhumaneness, inhumanity the quality of lacking compassion or consideration for others
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