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believer in Norwegian

religion - mannoun troende [invariable]
  religion - womannoun troende [invariable]
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Definitions of believer
1. believer - a person who has religious faith
  worshiper, worshipper
  religious person a person who manifests devotion to a deity
  denomination a class of one kind of unit in a system of numbers or measures or weights or money; "he flashed a fistful of bills of large denominations"
  theist one who believes in the existence of a god or gods
  devil worshiper someone who worships devils
  monotheist a believer in one god
  mystic, religious mystic someone who believes in the existence of realities beyond human comprehension
  numerologist a believer in numerology
  pantheist someone who believes that God and the universe are the same
  pilgrim someone who journeys in foreign lands
  sun worshiper someone who worships the sun
  theosophist a believer in theosophy
2. believer - a supporter who accepts something as true
  protagonist, admirer, champion, friend, supporter, booster the principal character in a work of fiction
  abiogenist a believer in abiogenesis
  apostle (New Testament) one of the original 12 disciples chosen by Christ to preach his gospel
  colonialist a believer in colonialism
  confucian, confucianist a believer in the teachings of Confucius
  evolutionist a person who believes in organic evolution
  imperialist a believer in imperialism
  malthusian a believer in Malthusian theory
  vitalist one who believes in vitalism
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