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Translation of the word boring from english to norwegian, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

boring in Norwegian

activityadjective langtekkelig
  uninterestingadjective uinteressant, tiggerlig, trettende kjedelig, trist, uinspirerende
  technicalnoun borring [u]
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Examples with translation
Frustrated with the European languages, which he considered "too boring", Christopher Columbus invented "Columbian", a language so complicated that only he could speak it.
I have a boring job.
It gets boring after a while.
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Definitions of boring
1. boring - the act of drilling a hole in the earth in the hope of producing petroleum
  production (law) the act of exhibiting in a court of law; "the appellate court demanded the production of all documents"
1. boring - so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness; "a boring evening with uninteresting people"; "the deadening effect of some routine tasks"; "a dull play"; "his competent but dull performance"; "a ho-hum speaker who couldn't capture their attention"; "what an irksome task the writing of long letters is"- Edmund Burke; "tedious days on the train"; "the tiresome chirping of a cricket"- Mark Twain; "other people's dreams are dreadfully wearisome"
  deadening, dull, irksome, slow, tedious, tiresome, wearisome
  uninteresting characteristic or suggestive of an institution especially in being uniform or dull or unimaginative; "institutional food"
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