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contempt in Norwegian

disdainnoun forakt [n], ringeakt [u], vanverdighet [u], hån [n]
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Definitions of contempt
1. contempt - open disrespect for a person or thing
  discourtesy, disrespect a lack of politeness; a failure to show regard for others; wounding the feelings or others
  fleer contempt expressed by mockery in looks or words
  leer, sneer a suggestive or sneering look or grin
  sneer a facial expression of contempt or scorn; the upper lip curls
2. contempt - a willful disobedience to or disrespect for the authority of a court or legislative body
  noncompliance, disobedience the failure to obey
  jurisprudence, law the branch of philosophy concerned with the law and the principles that lead courts to make the decisions they do
  contempt of congress deliberate obstruction of the operation of the federal legislative branch
  contempt of court disrespect for the rules of a court of law
3. contempt - a manner that is generally disrespectful and contemptuous
  rudeness, discourtesy a lack of politeness; a failure to show regard for others; wounding the feelings or others
4. contempt - lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike; "he was held in contempt"; "the despite in which outsiders were held is legendary"
  disdain, scorn, despite
  dislike a feeling of aversion or antipathy; "my dislike of him was instinctive"
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Contempt is an intense feeling or attitude of regarding someone or something as inferior, base, or worthless-it is similar to scorn. It is also used when people are being sarcastic. Contempt is also defined as the state of being despised or dishonored; disgrace, and an open disrespect or willful disobedience of the authority of a court of law or legislative body.

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