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downtown in Norwegian

citynoun sentrum [n]
  directionother inn til byn
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I often go downtown on Sunday.
Tom went downtown to do shopping.
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Definitions of downtown
1. downtown - of or located in the lower part of a town, or in the business center; "downtown Manhattan"; "delinquents roaming the downtown streets"
  uptown of or located in the upper part of a town; "uptown residential areas"
1. downtown - toward or in the lower or central part of town
  uptown toward or in the upper part of town
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Downtown is a term primarily used in North America to refer to a city's core (or center) or central business district, usually in a geographical, commercial, and community sense. The term is thought to have been coined in New York City, where it was in use by the 1830s to refer to the original town at the southern tip of the island of Manhattan. As the town of New York grew into a city, the only direction it could grow on the island was toward the north, proceeding upriver from the original settlement (the ""up"" and ""down"" terminology in turn came from the customary map design in which up was north and down was south).

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