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embolism in Norwegian

medicinenoun emboli [u]
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1. embolism - occlusion of a blood vessel by an embolus (a loose clot or air bubble or other particle)
  occlusion (dentistry) the normal spatial relation of the teeth when the jaws are closed
  aeroembolism, air embolism, gas embolism obstruction of the circulatory system caused by an air bubble as, e.g., accidentally during surgery or hypodermic injection or as a complication from scuba diving
  fat embolism serious condition in which fat blocks an artery; fat can enter the blood stream after a long bone is fractured or if adipose tissue is injured or as a result of a fatty liver
  pulmonary embolism blockage of the pulmonary artery by foreign matter or by a blood clot
  embolus an abnormal particle (e.g. an air bubble or part of a clot) circulating in the blood
2. embolism - an insertion into a calendar
  time interval, interval a definite length of time marked off by two instants
  calendar a list or register of events (appointments or social events or court cases etc); "I have you on my calendar for next Monday"
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An embolism (plural embolisms; from the Greek ?????????? ""insertion"") is the event of lodging of an embolus into a narrow capillary vessel of an atrerial bed which causes a blockage in a distant part of the body. Embolization is a procedure that purposely creates such a lodging and occlusion of specific blood vessels with thrombo-emboli in order to deprive tumors (or other pathologic processes) of their perfusion (blood supply).

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