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engaged in Norwegian

relationshipadjective forlovet
  personadjective sysselsatt, opptatt
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Bob has been engaged to Mary for over a year.
I was engaged in it for three years, that is, till I was twenty years old.
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Definitions of engaged
1. engaged - built against or attached to a wall; "engaged columns"
  connected joined or linked together
  architecture the profession of designing buildings and environments with consideration for their esthetic effect
2. engaged - having ones attention or mind or energy engaged; "she keeps herself fully occupied with volunteer activities"; "deeply engaged in conversation"
  busy crowded with or characterized by much activity; "a very busy week"; "a busy life"; "a busy street"; "a busy seaport"
3. engaged - having services contracted for; "the carpenter engaged (or employed) for the job is sick"
  employed having your services engaged for; or having a job especially one that pays wages or a salary; "most of our graduates are employed"
4. engaged - (used of toothed parts or gears) interlocked and interacting; "the gears are engaged"; "meshed gears"; "intermeshed twin rotors"
  meshed, intermeshed
  geared equipped with or connected by gears or having gears engaged
5. engaged - involved in military hostilities; "the desperately engaged ships continued the fight"
  involved emotionally involved
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