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fell in Norwegian

cut downverb hugge ned, felle, ta ned noe
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The prince fell in love with a woodcutter's daughter.
As he was so tired, he fell fast asleep.
He fell in love with her at first sight.
I fell asleep while reading.
I fell in love with her at first sight.
Tom fell down the stairs and hit his head.
The house fell down a week later.
I fell in love with a girl from Vienna.
She recognized the master spy with multiple identities when his wig fell off.
Tom fell off the truck while he was feeding the reindeer.
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Definitions of fell
1. fell - the act of felling something (as a tree)
  putting to death, kill, killing the destruction of an enemy plane or ship or tank or missile; "the pilot reported two kills during the mission"
2. fell - seam made by turning under or folding together and stitching the seamed materials to avoid rough edges
  seam joint consisting of a line formed by joining two pieces
1. fell - cause to fall by or as if by delivering a blow; "strike down a tree"; "Lightning struck down the hikers"
  cut grow through the gums; "The new tooth is cutting"
  chop down cut down; "George chopped down the cherry tree"
  poleax, poleaxe fell with or as if with a poleax
  log, lumber enter into a log, as on ships and planes
  cut grow through the gums; "The new tooth is cutting"
2. fell - sew a seam by folding the edges
  sew together, stitch, sew, run up fasten by sewing; do needlework
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""Fell"" (from Old Norse fjall, ""mountain"") is a word used to refer to mountains, or certain types of mountainous landscape, in Scandinavia, the Isle of Man, and parts of England.

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