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hang in Norwegian

wallverb henge
  crimeverb henge
Synonyms for hang
Derived terms of hang
archangel, bill of exchange, change, change completely, change for the better, change gear, change one's clothes, change one's mind, change one's tack, change over, change purse, change tack, changeability, changeable, changeless, changeover, cliffhanger, clothes hanger, coat hanger, continual change, do something in exchange, exchange, exchange broker, exchange letters, exchange rate, exchangeable, foreign exchange, hang around, hang back, hang down, hang glider, hang gliding, hang in, hang on, hang on to, hang oneself, hang out to dry, hang over, hang together, hang up
hangar, hanged person, hanger, hanger-on, hanging, hanging down, hanging loosely, hangings, hangman, hangnail, hangout, hangover, hang-up, in exchange, interchange, interchangeable, oil change, overhanging, paperhanger, pocket change, sex change, shanghai, Shangri-La, small change, something done in exchange, stock exchange, Stock Exchange, straphanger, unchanged, unchanging, automatic gear-change, change description, change over switch, change to, changeableness, employment exchange, hang onto, hangup, heat exchanger, in exchange for, unchangeable, american standard code for information interchange, american stock exchange, angelica archangelica, archangelic, archangelical, auto-changer, bent hang, bhang, black archangel, bureau de change, care a hang, chang, chang jiang, chang kuo, chang kuo-lao, changan, change-of-pace, change-of-pace ball, change-up, change by reversal, change course, change form, change hands, change integrity, change intensity, change magnitude, change of color, change of course, change of direction, change of integrity, change of life, change of location, change of magnitude, change of mind, change of shape, change of state, change owners, change posture, change ringing, change shape, change state, change surface, change taste, changed, changeful, changefulness, changelessness, changeling, changer, changing, changjiang, changtzu, charge-exchange accelerator, chemical change, chump change, cliff-hanging, climate change, commodities exchange, commodity exchange, corn exchange, counterchange, dress hanger, ever-changing, exchange premium, exchange transfusion, exchangeability, exchanged, exchanger, futures exchange, get the hang, give a hang, global climate change, hang by a thread, hang glide, hang out, hangar queen, hangbird, hangchow, hangdog, hanging chad, hanging fly, hanging gardens of babylon, hanging geranium, hanging wall, hangman's halter, hangman's rope, hangzhou, hangzhou bay, interchangeability, interchangeableness, inverted hang, ion exchange, lashkar-e-jhangvi, lever hang, lymphangiectasia, lymphangiectasis, lymphangiogram, lymphangiography, lymphangioma, lymphangitis, medium of exchange, money changer, n. y. stock exchange, nan-chang, nanchang, new york stock exchange, noninterchangeable, overhang, paperhanging, phase change, photochemical exchange, physical change, piked reverse hang, pitching change, policy change, post exchange, quick-change, rate of exchange, record changer, reverse hang, sea change, securities and exchange commission, sex-change operation, shang, shang dynasty, shanghai dialect, shanghaier, short-change, state change, straight hang, telephone exchange, temperature change, unchangeability, unchangeableness, unchangeably, unchangingness, unexchangeability, unexchangeable, wall hanging, whang
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Definitions of hang
1. hang - a gymnastic exercise performed on the rings or horizontal bar or parallel bars when the gymnast's weight is supported by the arms
  gymnastic exercise (gymnastics) an exercise designed to develop and display strength and agility and balance (usually performed with or on some gymnastic apparatus)
  bent hang a hang performed with the elbows bent
  inverted hang a hang performed on the rings with the body upside down
  lever hang a hang performed on the rings with the body stationary in a horizontal position
  reverse hang a hang with the arms extended in back
  straight hang a hang performed on the rings or parallel bars with the body erect and the arms at the sides
2. hang - the way a garment hangs; "he adjusted the hang of his coat"
  fit the manner in which something fits; "I admired the fit of her coat"
1. hang - cause to be hanging or suspended; "Hang that picture on the wall"
  fasten, secure, fix attach to; "They fastened various nicknames to each other"
  suspend cause to be held in suspension in a fluid; "suspend the particles"
  sling hurl as if with a sling
2. hang - be suspended or hanging; "The flag hung on the wall"
  hang suspend (meat) in order to get a gamey taste; "hang the venison for a few days"
  overhang, beetle be suspended over or hang over; "This huge rock beetles over the edge of the town"
  dangle, swing, drop cause to dangle or hang freely; "He dangled the ornaments from the Christmas tree"
3. hang - kill by hanging; "The murderer was hanged on Friday"
  put to death, execute sign in the presence of witnesses; "The President executed the treaty"
  halter hang with a halter
  gibbet hang on an execution instrument
4. hang - place in position as by a hinge so as to allow free movement in one direction; "hang a door"
  fasten, secure, fix attach to; "They fastened various nicknames to each other"
  hang suspend (meat) in order to get a gamey taste; "hang the venison for a few days"
5. hang - decorate or furnish with something suspended; "Hang wallpaper"
  grace, ornament, adorn, beautify, decorate, embellish be an ornament to; "stars ornamented the Christmas tree"
6. hang - be menacing, burdensome, or oppressive; "This worry hangs on my mind"; "The cloud of suspicion hangs over her"
  be spend or use time; "I may be an hour"
  bulk large, loom, brood, hover weave on a loom; "materials loomed in Egypt"
7. hang - suspend (meat) in order to get a gamey taste; "hang the venison for a few days"
  molder, moulder, rot, decompose separate (substances) into constituent elements or parts
8. hang - be placed in position as by a hinge; "This cabinet door doesn't hang right!"
  hang suspend (meat) in order to get a gamey taste; "hang the venison for a few days"
9. hang - be suspended or poised; "Heavy fog hung over the valley"
10. hang - fall or flow in a certain way; "This dress hangs well"; "Her long black hair flowed down her back"
  fall, flow
11. hang - let drop or droop; "Hang one's head in shame"
  drop give birth; used for animals; "The cow dropped her calf this morning"
12. hang - prevent from reaching a verdict, of a jury
  stymie, stymy, embarrass, hinder, obstruct, blockade, block cause to be embarrassed; cause to feel self-conscious
13. hang - be exhibited; "Picasso hangs in this new wing of the museum"
  hang suspend (meat) in order to get a gamey taste; "hang the venison for a few days"
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