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husband in Norwegian

generalnoun mannlig make [u], ektemann [u]
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It's about my husband, doctor; he sleeps badly.
Her husband is now living in Tokyo.
Call my husband.
My wife, who grew up in Norway, made it very clear, from the first moment, that it wasn't practice to be of service to the husband at all times.
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Definitions of husband
1. husband - a married man; a woman's partner in marriage
  married woman, wife a married woman; a man's partner in marriage
  better half, married person, spouse, partner, mate a person's partner in marriage
  benedick, benedict a newly married man (especially one who has long been a bachelor)
  cuckold a man whose wife committed adultery
  family man a man whose family is of major importance in his life
  house husband, househusband a husband who keeps house while his wife earns the family income
  uxoricide the murder of a wife by her husband
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