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Translation of the word incline from english to norwegian, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

incline in Norwegian

headverb bøye
  surfaceverb lutt, slakk vinkel
  behaviorverb være tilbøyelig, tendere
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Definitions of incline
1. incline - lower or bend (the head or upper body), as in a nod or bow; "She inclined her head to the student"
  let down, take down, lower, bring down, get down reduce in worth or character, usually verbally; "She tends to put down younger women colleagues"; "His critics took him down after the lecture"
2. incline - bend or turn (one's ear) towards a speaker in order to listen well; "He inclined his ear to the wise old man"
  take heed, listen, hear hear with intention; "Listen to the sound of this cello"
3. incline - feel favorably disposed or willing; "She inclines to the view that people should be allowed to expres their religious beliefs"
  experience, feel go through (mental or physical states or experiences); "get an idea"; "experience vertigo"; "get nauseous"; "receive injuries"; "have a feeling"
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