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1. manta - extremely large pelagic tropical ray that feeds on plankton and small fishes; usually harmless but its size make it dangerous if harpooned
  ray cartilaginous fishes having horizontally flattened bodies and enlarged winglike pectoral fins with gills on the underside; most swim by moving the pectoral fins
  family mobulidae, mobulidae large rays lacking venomous spines: mantas
  atlantic manta, manta birostris largest manta (to 22 feet across wings); found worldwide but common in Gulf of Mexico and along southern coasts of United States; primarily oceanic
  devil ray, mobula hypostoma small manta (to 4 feet) that travels in schools
2. manta - a blanket that is used as a cloak or shawl
  blanket, cover bedding that keeps a person warm in bed; "he pulled the covers over his head and went to sleep"
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