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monolith in Norwegian

generalnoun monolitt [u]
Synonyms for monolith
noun stone
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Definitions of monolith
1. monolith - a single great stone (often in the form of a column or obelisk)
  stone building material consisting of a piece of rock hewn in a definite shape for a special purpose; "he wanted a special stone to mark the site"
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A monolith is a geological feature such as a mountain, consisting of a single massive stone or rock, or a single piece of rock placed as, or within, a monument. Erosion usually exposes the geological formations, which are most often made of very hard and solid metamorphic or igneous rock. The word derives from the Latin word monolithus from the Greek word ????????? (monolithos), derived from ????? (""one"" or ""single"") and ????? (""stone"").

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