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monster in Norwegian

generalnoun monster [n]
  sizenoun bergmonster [u], blubbemonster [u], bamsemonster [u]
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Run over any obstacle with this monster truck!
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Definitions of monster
1. monster - a cruel wicked and inhuman person
  fiend, devil, demon, ogre
  disagreeable person, unpleasant person a person who is not pleasant or agreeable
  demoniac someone who acts as if possessed by a demon
2. monster - (medicine) a grossly malformed and usually nonviable fetus
  fetus, foetus an unborn or unhatched vertebrate in the later stages of development showing the main recognizable features of the mature animal
  medical specialty, medicine the learned profession that is mastered by graduate training in a medical school and that is devoted to preventing or alleviating or curing diseases and injuries; "he studied medicine at Harvard"
  acardia congenital absence of the heart (as in the development of some monsters)
  acephalia, acephalism, acephaly absence of the head (as in the development of some monsters)
3. monster - an imaginary creature usually having various human and animal parts
  imaginary being, imaginary creature a creature of the imagination; a person that exists only in legends or myths or fiction
  bogeyman, boogeyman, booger, bugaboo, bugbear an imaginary monster used to frighten children
  mythical creature, mythical monster a monster renowned in folklore and myth
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A monster is any fictional creature, usually found in legends or horror fiction, that is somewhat hideous and may produce physical or mental fear by either its appearance or its actions. The word ""monster"" derives from Latin monstrum, an aberrant occurrence, usually biological, that was taken as a sign that something was wrong within the natural order. The word connotes something wrong or evil; a monster is generally morally objectionable, physically or psychologically hideous, and/or a freak of nature.

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