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oldster in Norwegian

mannoun gamling [u]
  womannoun gamling [u]
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Definitions of oldster
1. oldster - an elderly person
  grownup, adult any mature animal
  ancient, antediluvian a person who lived in ancient times
  centenarian someone who is at least 100 years old
  curmudgeon a crusty irascible cantankerous old person full of stubborn ideas
  dodderer one who dodders from old age and weakness
  fogey, fogy, dodo, fossil extinct heavy flightless bird of Mauritius related to pigeons
  dotard an oldster in his dotage; someone whose age has impaired his intellect
  back-number, has-been someone who is no longer popular
  nonagenarian someone whose age is in the nineties
  octogenarian someone whose age is in the eighties
  old boy a vivacious elderly man
  graybeard, greybeard, methuselah, old man (Old Testament) a patriarch (grandfather of Noah) who is said to have lived 969 years
  old woman a woman who is old
  septuagenarian someone whose age is in the seventies
  sexagenarian someone whose age is in the sixties
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