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botany - treenoun vidjetre [n]
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1. osier - any of various willows having pliable twigs used in basketry and furniture
  willow tree, willow a textile machine having a system of revolving spikes for opening and cleaning raw textile fibers
  genus salix, salix a large and widespread genus varying in size from small shrubs to large trees: willows
  golden willow, salix alba vitellina, salix vitellina European willow having greyish leaves and yellow-orange twigs used in basketry
  almond willow, black hollander, salix amygdalina, salix triandra Old World willow with light green leaves cultivated for use in basketry
  basket willow, purple osier, purple willow, red willow, salix purpurea, red osier Eurasian osier having reddish or purple twigs and bark rich in tannin
  common osier, hemp willow, salix viminalis, velvet osier willow with long flexible twigs used in basketry
2. osier - flexible twig of a willow tree
  withy, withe band or rope made of twisted twigs or stems
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