English-Norwegian translation of posit

Translation of the word posit from english to norwegian, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

posit in Norwegian

factverb postulere
Synonyms for posit
Derived terms of posit
act in opposition to, adiposity, apposite, apposition, be in a seriously difficult position, be opposite to, composite, composition, compositor, decomposition, deposit, deposition, depositor, depository, disposition, exposition, interposition, juxtaposition, key position, opposite, opposite side, opposition, pomposity, position, position oneself, positive, positively, positivism, predisposition, preposition, prepositional, prepositional phrase, presupposition, proposition, repository, safe-deposit box, safety-deposit box, supposition, suppositional, suppository
take up a ... position on, appositional, deposit slip, depositary, imposition, indisposition, lying position, oposite, positioning, acocanthera oppositifolia, alluvial deposit, angular position, antipodal opposition, antiredeposition, appositeness, appositive, appositively, ballet position, bank-depositor relation, bank deposit, certificate of deposit, chemical decomposition reaction, cleanup position, compositae, composite material, composite number, composite order, composite plant, composite school, compositeness, composition board, compositional, decomposition reaction, decompositional, demand deposit, deposit account, deposit box, depository financial institution, depository library, diametrical opposition, double decomposition, double decomposition reaction, dramatic composition, electrodeposition, electropositive, exposit, expositive, expositor, expository, family compositae, favorable position, favourable position, federal deposit insurance corporation, global positioning system, gradable opposition, gram-positive, huygens' principle of superposition, in apposition, in opposition, inapposite, inappositeness, literary composition, lithotomy position, logical positivism, logical positivist, lotus position, malposition, matrix transposition, military position, missionary position, musical composition, mutual opposition, nondepository financial institution, object of a preposition, opposite number, opposite word, oppositeness, oppositive, orthogonal opposition, ovipositor, particular proposition, polar opposition, pole position, position effect, position paper, positionable, positional, positional notation, positional representation system, positioner, positive charge, positive chemotaxis, positive correlation, positive feedback, positive fraud, positive identification, positive magnetic pole, positive muon, positive pole, positive reinforcer, positive reinforcing stimulus, positive stimulus, positively charged, positiveness, positivist, positivistic, positivity, positron, positron emission tomography, positron emission tomography scanner, postposition, postpositive, prepositional object, principle of superposition, propositional calculus, propositional logic, propositus, redeposit, redeposition, redisposition, reimposition, reposit, repositing, reposition, repositioning, rh-positive, rh-positive blood type, rh positive, safe-deposit, safety-deposit, safety deposit box, saxifraga oppositifolia, security deposit, superposition, superposition principle, suppositious, supposititious, thermosetting compositions, time deposit, time deposit account, transposition, unfavorable position, ungradable opposition, universal proposition, vector decomposition
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