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prolix in Norwegian

speechadjective lang og ordrik, langtekkelig, mangeordig, omstendelig
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You are going to lose a lot of readers if your writing is too prolix.
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Definitions of prolix
1. prolix - tediously prolonged or tending to speak or write at great length; "editing a prolix manuscript"; "a prolix lecturer telling you more than you want to know"
  concise expressing much in few words; "a concise explanation"
  voluble marked by a ready flow of speech; "she is an extremely voluble young woman who engages in soliloquies not conversations"
  long-windedness, prolixity, prolixness, wordiness, windiness boring verbosity
  diffuse spread out; not concentrated in one place; "a large diffuse organization"
  long-winded, verbose, wordy, tedious, windy using or containing too many words; "long-winded (or windy) speakers"; "verbose and ineffective instructional methods"; "newspapers of the day printed long wordy editorials"; "proceedings were delayed by wordy disputes"
  verbal communicated in the form of words; "verbal imagery"; "a verbal protest"
  pleonastic, tautologic, tautological, redundant repetition of same sense in different words; "`a true fact' and `a free gift' are pleonastic expressions"; "the phrase `a beginner who has just started' is tautological"; "at the risk of being redundant I return to my original proposition"- J.B.Conant
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