English-Norwegian translation of rant

Translation of the word rant from english to norwegian, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

rant in Norwegian

angerverb gurma, bråke
  speechverb tale bombastisk
Synonyms for rant
Derived terms of rant
aberrant, antiperspirant, arrant, arrest warrant, aspirant, black currant, celebrant, cormorant, currant, currant bread, currant loaf, death warrant, deodorant, emigrant, entrant, errant, Esperanto, expectorant, exuberant, fire hydrant, flagrant, fragrant, frantic, grant, grant access to, grant extended credit, grant inspection of, grant permission to, granting, guarantee, guaranteed, guarantor, guaranty, hydrant, ignorant, immigrant, immigrant worker, integrant, intolerant, itinerant
migrant, obscurant, obscurantism, obscurantist, preponderant, protuberant, quadrant, quarantine, rant about, rant and rave, rant on about, recalcitrant, red currant, re-entrant, refrigerant, restaurant, search warrant, take for granted, tarantella, tarantula, tolerant, tyrant, unwarrantable, unwarranted, vagrant, warrant, warranty, white currant, blackcurrant, flagrantly, frantically, franticness, ignorant of, reiterant, tolerantly, warrantirs, adi granth, adulterant, aleuria aurantia, amaranth, amaranth family, amaranthaceae, amaranthine, amaranthus, amaranthus albus, amaranthus caudatus, amaranthus cruentus, amaranthus graecizans, amaranthus hybridus erythrostachys, amaranthus hybridus hypochondriacus, amaranthus hypochondriacus, amaranthus spinosus, argiope aurantia, argyranthemum, argyranthemum frutescens, astrantia, astrantia major, au courant, bench warrant, block grant, brant, brant goose, branta, branta bernicla, branta canadensis, branta leucopsis, breach of the covenant of warranty, breach of warranty, cary grant, catharanthus, catharanthus roseus, cauterant, centranthus, centranthus ruber, cheiranthus, cheiranthus allionii, cheiranthus asperus, cheiranthus cheiri, chinese restaurant syndrome, chloranthaceae, chloranthus, citrus aurantifolia, citrus aurantium, comburant, common brant goose, corroborant, currant bush, denaturant, dendranthema, dendranthema grandifloruom, deodourant, dichondra micrantha, direct-grant school, dividend warrant, duncan grant, duncan james corrow grant, durant, durante, eranthis, eranthis hyemalis, erigeron aurantiacus, erysimum cheiranthoides, esperantido, european black currant, exuberantly, family amaranthaceae, family chloranthaceae, family loranthaceae, family marantaceae, fragrant agrimony, fragrant bedstraw, fragrant cliff fern, fragrant orchid, fragrant shield fern, fragrant sumac, fragrant water lily, fragrant wood fern, fragrant woodsia, fritillaria micrantha, fulgurant, genus amaranthus, genus argyranthemum, genus astrantia, genus branta, genus catharanthus, genus centranthus, genus cheiranthus, genus chloranthus, genus dendranthema, genus eranthis, genus heteranthera, genus loranthus, genus machaeranthera, genus maranta, genus paranthias, genus paranthropus, genus plectranthus, genus scleranthus, genus spiranthes, genus xeranthemum, globe amaranth, grant-in-aid, grant wood, granted, grantee, granter, granth, granth sahib, granting immunity, grantor, grantor trust, gynura aurantiaca, habenaria chlorantha, heteranthera, heteranthera dubia, hieracium aurantiacum, hiram ulysses grant, ignorantness, immigrant class, indian currant, inerrant, intolerantly, jimmy durante, knight-errant, knight errantry, land grant, loranthaceae, loranthus, loranthus europaeus, machaeranthera, machaeranthera bigelovii, machaeranthera tanacetifolia, machaeranthera tortifoloia, make vibrant sounds, maranta, maranta arundinaceae, marantaceae, mesasamkranti, migrant shrike, ministrant, momordica charantia, nitrofurantoin, nov-esperanto, nurturant, operant, operant conditioning, paranthias, paranthias furcifer, paranthropus, penstemon centranthifolius, perpetual warrant, pilosella aurantiaca, platanthera chlorantha, plectranthus, plectranthus amboinicus, pluteus aurantiorugosus, preponderantly, president grant, purple amaranth, quadrantanopia, quarantined, quentin jerome tarantino, quentin tarantino, quo warranto, ranter, ranting, red amaranth, reentrant, reentrant angle, reentrant polygon, registrant, restaurant attendant, restaurant chain, restauranter, reverberant, rhinonicteris aurantius, scleranthus, scleranthus annuus, scleroderma aurantium, scranton, short-spurred fragrant orchid, sir frederick grant banting, solanum macranthum, spirant, spiranthes, spiranthes cernua, spiranthes porrifolia, spiranthes romanzoffiana, spiranthes spiralis, stock-purchase warrant, stock warrant, subscription warrant, susurrant, taken for granted, talinum aurantiacum, tarantelle, tarantino, tarantism, thorny amaranth, transmigrante, trente-et-quarante, tricholoma aurantium, tyrant bird, tyrant flycatcher, ulysses grant, ulysses s. grant, ulysses simpson grant, unguaranteed, unreverberant, vena perforantis, vibrant, warrant officer, warranted, warrantee, warranter, warrantor, will durant, william james durant, winter currant, xeranthemum, xeranthemum annuum
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Definitions of rant
1. rant - talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner
  jabber, spout, rave
  mouth, utter, verbalise, verbalize, speak, talk articulate silently; form words with the lips only; "She mouthed a swear word"
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