English-Norwegian translation of someone

Translation of the word someone from english to norwegian, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

someone in Norwegian

indefinite pronoun - m.other noen
Synonyms for someone
Derived terms of someone
a weight off someone's mind, a weight on someone's mind, as someone suggested, at someone's suggestion, be answerable to someone, be beyond someone's understanding, be coming someone's way, be frank with someone, be on someone's mind, be plain with someone, be ready for someone, be there for someone, become someone, bring someone to his senses, bring someone up-to-date, call someone's attention to, come to someone's aid, come to someone's rescue, delude someone with false hopes, do someone honor, drag someone along, drive someone bananas, drive someone crazy, drive someone nuts, escape someone's mind, escape someone's notice, frighten someone, furnish someone with something, get someone to understand something, get something into someone's head, get something through to someone, give it to someone straight, give someone a fright, give someone a piggyback, give someone sexual education, give someone the creeps, give someone the shivers, give someone the willies, give someone the works, go on in someone's mind
help someone out, hold out false hopes to someone, ignore someone totally, keep someone in sight, knock someone senseless, know someone by sight, leave someone alone, leave someone be, let someone alone, let someone be, make a cautious approach to someone, make someone shiver, make someone sick, make someone's acquaintance, on someone's left side, on someone's right side, owe someone an explanation, owing to someone, prevent someone from, provide someone with something, put someone in a difficult situation, restrain someone from, ruffle someone's feathers, scare someone, scare someone silly, scare someone to death, scare the life out of someone, scare the wits out of someone, shut the door in someone's face, slam the door in someone's face, someone still owes someone something, someone's decision is made, someone's mind is made up, spare someone the details, stand someone in good stead, stare someone down, step in for someone, step on someone's corns, step on someone's toes, stop someone from, stun someone with a blow, suit someone, supply someone with something, support someone, sustain someone in his claim, sustain someone's claim, take a picture of someone, take someone for a ride, take someone in tow, take someone seriously, take someone's picture, take someone's temperature, take something out on someone, tell someone about the birds and the bees, tell someone tales, tell someone the facts of life, tell someone the unvarnished truth, tie someone down to, trample on someone's feelings, tread on someone's heels, tread on someone's toes, treat someone as though he wasn't there, unleash on someone, urge on someone the need of, use something against someone, vent something on someone, vest power in someone, vest someone with power, with someone's knowledge, without someone's knowledge, work something off on someone, under the auspices of someone, break someone's heart, pull someone's leg, pull the wool over someone's eyes
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