English-Norwegian translation of ten

Translation of the word ten from english to norwegian, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

ten in Norwegian

cardinal numberadjective ri, ti
  cardinal numbernoun ti [u]
Synonyms for ten
Derived terms of ten
AAA attendant, about ten, abstention, accurateness, acuteness, aim one's attention directly towards, alcohol content, antenatal, antenna, appropriateness, astuteness, attend, attend church service, attend on, attend to, attendance, attendant, attendee, attention, attentive, attentiveness, attenuate, attenuation, attract a great deal of attention, attract attention, attracting attention, bartender, batten, be badly beaten, be beaten, be completely forgotten, be consistent with, be discontent, be discontented, be insistent on, be insistent upon, be malcontent, be tenable, beaten, become tense
bicentenary, bicentennial, brighten, brighten up, call attention to, call someone's attention to, centenarian, centenary, centennial, christen, Christendom, christening, close attention, coexistence, competence, competent, competently, completeness, consistency, consistent, contend, contend for, contender, content, contented, contentedness, contentious, contentment, contents, cost of maintenance, countenance, death sentence, detente, tente, detention, discontent, discontented, discontentment, dishearten, disheartened, disheartening, disheartenment, dissoluteness, distension, double entendre, draw attention to, effeminateness, enlighten, enlighten about, enlighten on, enlighten somebody, enlightened, enlightenment, entente, escape one's attention, every so often, existence, existent, existential, existentialism, existentialist, extend, extend credit, extend one's hand to, extend to, extended, extension, extensive, extensively, extent, extenuate, extenuating, extenuation, fasten, fasten again, fasten up, fasten with a clip, fastened, fastener, fatten, feel rotten, firm intention, first lieutenant, flatten, flight attendant, foreshorten, foreshortening, forgotten, frighten, frighten away, frighten off, frighten someone, frightened, frightening, give attention to, giving attention to, glisten, gluten, grant extended credit, handwritten, hard-bitten, hasten, hasten to do, have the intention of, hearten, heartening, heighten, heightening, high tension, hypertension, hypotenuse, ill-gotten, ill-gotten gains, immoderateness, impenitence, impenitent, imperfect tense, impoliteness, impotence, impotency, impotent, in attendance, inadvertent, inattention, inattentive, inattentiveness, incompetence, incompetent, incompetent person, incompleteness, inconsistence, inconsistency, inconsistent, inconsistent with, inconsistently, insistence, insistency, insistent, intend, intend to, intended for, intense, intensification, intensifier, intensify, intensity, intensive, intensive care, intent, intention, intentional, intentionally, intermittent, intricateness, jail sentence, kindergarten, kitchen utensils, kitten, kittenish, labor-intensive, latency, lateness, latent, lightened, listen, listen in, listen to, listener, listening, look intently, maintenance, make discontented, make tense, malcontent, marten, mitten, moisten, molten, muteness, nonexistence, nonexistent, obstinateness, often, omnipotence, omnipotent, ostensible, ostentation, ostentatious, ostentatiously, oxygen tent, patent, patentee, patten, pay attention to, pay no attention to, penitence, penitent, penitential, persistence, persistency, persistent, persistently, play tennis, plenipotentiary, politeness, portend, portent, potence, potency, potent, potentate, potential, potentiality, preexistence, pre-existence, pretend, pretended, pretending, pretense, pretension, pretentious, pretentiously, pretentiousness, primitive tenses, prison sentence, profligateness, public attention, put out to tender, quatercentenary, reconditeness, reduce tension, remain in existence, resoluteness, retention, retentive, retentiveness, rotten, rottenness, second lieutenant, self-contented, sentence, sentenced to death, sententious, serve detention, shorten, shortened, shortening, simple future tense, smarten up, snap fastener, soften, soften up, softening, squash tennis, Sten gun, stench, stencil, stenographer, stenography, stentorian, straighten, straighten out, straighten up, sublieutenant, subsistence, subsistence level, subtenant, subtend, superintend, superintendence, superintendent, superintending, sustenance, sweeten, sweetener, table of contents, table tennis, tauten, ten thousand, tenable, tenacious, tenacity, tenancy, tenant, tenant farmer, tenantry, tench, tend, tend to, tendency, tendentious, tender, tender feeling, tender for, tenderhearted, tenderize, tenderloin, tenderness, tending to, tendon, tendril, tenement, tenement house, tenet, tennis, tennis court, tennis elbow, tennis shoe, tenon, tenor, tenpin, tenpins, tense, tensile, tensile strength, tension, tent, tent peg, tentacle, tentative, tenth, tenuous, tenure, tenure of office, tercentenary, threaten, threaten with, threatened, threatening, threateningly, tighten, to be badly beaten, to one's heart's content, to such an extent, to what extent, triteness, tungsten, typewritten, unattended, unenlightened, unfasten, unintentional, unintentionally, unpretentious, unpretentiousness, untenable, unwritten, unwritten law, unwritten rule, upward tendency, utensil, water softener, weather-beaten, well-intentioned, whiten, whitener, whitening, with intent to, written, written communication, written language, written work, absoluteness, appetency, appurtenance, articulateness, attender, attending, attentively, baths attendant, be persistent, catenate, catenation, chasteness, christened, contention, delicateness, desolateness, determinateness, dispassionateness, disproportionateness, distend, distensible, distention, existence of natural gas, fastening, female stenotypist, frostbitten, insistently, intensively, invite tenders for, Lenten, lightening, listen up, ornateness, ostentatiousness, patented, penitentiary, police superintendent, portentous, potentialization, potentiation, pretence, pretender, rottenly, stenotypist, tenaciously, tenaciousness, tenderly, Tennessee, tennis arm, tenor viola, to some extend, unintended, unostentatious, weatherbeaten, whiteness, abstentious, achilles tendon, action potential, adequateness, adiantum tenerum, adiantum tenerum farleyense, advertence, advertency, advertent, advertently, affectionateness, akhenaten, alfred lord tennyson, alfred tennyson, alopecurus pratensis, american marten, anagallis tenella, anal retentive, anal retentive personality, angiotensin, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, angiotensin converting enzyme, angiotensin i, angiotensin ii, animateness, antennal, antennaria, antennaria dioica, antennaria plantaginifolia, antennariidae, antennary, antenuptial, anthus pratensis, anti-impotence drug, antihypertensive, antihypertensive drug, aortic stenosis, appetence, appetent, appositeness, appurtenant, aptenodytes, aptenodytes forsteri, aptenodytes patagonica, arytenoid, arytenoid cartilage, aten, atenolol, athyrium distentifolium, atriplex hortensis, attendance check, attended, attention-getting, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, attention span, attentional, attenuated, attenuator, austen, austenite, austenitic, austenitic manganese steel, austenitic steel, backpacking tent, banteng, batten down, battle of fontenoy, beaten-up, beech marten, beef tenderloin, begotten, bell tent, benjamin britten, beta-carotene, bone of contention, bos banteng, boughten, breach of trust with fraudulent intent, britten, browbeaten, butene, call attention, canvas tent, capital of liechtenstein, capital of serbia and montenegro, capital of tennessee, capoten, cardamine pratensis, carotene, carotenemia, carotenoid, casey stengel, cassiope mertensiana, catena, catenary, catenulate, centennial state, center of attention, chamaecyparis nootkatensis, change intensity, charles dillon stengel, chasten, chastened, chastening, chloroxylon swietenia, chrome-tungsten steel, circus tent, cistothorus platensis, class tentaculata, coexistent, coextensive, cognitive content, commensurateness, compassionateness, competence hearing, competency, complex sentence, compositeness, compound sentence, concatenate, concatenation, concreteness, conscience-smitten, considerateness, consistence, consistently, contending, content word, contentiousness, continuous tense, contriteness, cooking utensil, corn gluten, corn gluten feed, corrugated fastener, cortical potential, cotenant, cottage tent, countertenor, court tennis, criminal maintenance, ctene, ctenidium, ctenizidae, ctenocephalides, ctenocephalides canis, ctenocephalides felis, ctenocephalus, ctenoid, ctenophora, ctenophore, ctenophore family, ctenophore genus, cubic content unit, cuteness, dactyloctenium, dactyloctenium aegypticum, david rittenhouse, deaf-muteness, deck tennis, declarative sentence, declaratory sentence, definiteness, deliberateness, detent, detention camp, detention cell, detention centre, detention home, detention house, dexamethasone intensol, dining-room attendant, diplotaxis tenuifolia, diplotene, dipole antenna, directional antenna, disconsolateness, discontentedness, discountenance, discreteness, dish antenna, disparateness, displaying incompetence, distended, eating utensil, edward benjamin britten, elaborateness, elastic potential energy, electric potential, enlightening, entente cordiale, enterostenosis, equipotent, eruditeness, essential hypertension, eucalyptus delegatensis, evoked potential, existential operator, existential philosophy, existential quantifier, existentialist philosopher, existentialist philosophy, exquisiteness, extend oneself, extendable, extended care facility, extended family, extended order, extended time scale, extendible, extensible, extensile, extension agent, extension cord, extension course, extension ladder, extension phone, extension service, extensional, extensiveness, extensor, extensor muscle, false pretence, false pretense, family antennariidae, family ctenizidae, family stenopelmatidae, family tenebrionidae, family tenrecidae, family tenthredinidae, fasten on, fatten out, fatten up, fattened, fattening, field intensity, field tent, file name extension, filename extension, finiteness, first baron tennyson, flatten out, flattened, flea-bitten, fly tent, fontenoy, for all intents and purposes, forest tent caterpillar, frighteningly, future perfect tense, future progressive tense, future tense, genus antennaria, genus aptenodytes, genus ctenocephalides, genus ctenocephalus, genus dactyloctenium, genus mertensia, genus pecten, genus potentilla, genus stenocarpus, genus stenochlaena, genus stenopelmatus, genus stenopterygius, genus stenotaphrum, genus stenotomus, genus stenotus, genus stentor, genus tenrec, geranium pratense, glistening, gluten-free diet, gluten bread, goaltender, godwin austen, gutenberg, half-intensity, hamelia patens, hamstring tendon, have kittens, health maintenance organization, heat content, helix hortensis, high-potential, high-tension, hippoglossus stenolepsis, hirsuteness, hortensia, hospital attendant, hottentot, hottentot's bread, hottentot's bread vine, hottentot's fig, hottentot bread, hottentot bread vine, hottentot fig, house of detention, hundred-and-tenth, hydrangea macrophylla hortensis, hygrophorus tennesseensis, hygrotrama foetens, hyperextend, hyperextension, hypertensin, hypertensive, hypotension, hypotensive, idempotent, immaculateness, immediateness, immunocompetence, immunocompetent, impenitency, impenitently, impotently, in straitened circumstances, inadequateness, inadvertence, inadvertency, inadvertently, inanimateness, inappositeness, inappropriateness, inattentively, incompetency, incompetent cervix, incompetently, inconsiderateness, indefiniteness, indeterminateness, inextensible, infiniteness, innateness, inordinateness, intemperateness, intended, intensified, intensifying, intension, intensional, intensity level, intensive care unit, intensiveness, intent on, intentionality, intentness, interfacial surface tension, interfacial tension, intermittence, intermittency, intermittent claudication, intermittent cramp, intermittent tetanus, interrogative sentence, iron manganese tungsten, irresoluteness, jane austen, johann gutenberg, johannes gutenberg, juncus tenuis, kindergartener, kitchen utensil, kitten-tails, labour-intensive, land tenure, laryngostenosis, latency period, latency phase, latency stage, latent content, latent diabetes, latent heat, latent hostility, latent period, latent schizophrenia, lathyrus pratensis, latten, lawfully-begotten, lawn tennis, lean-to tent, leg extensor, legal tender, lenten rose, lententide, leptotene, letter of intent, letters patent, lichtenoid eczema, lichtenstein, liechtenstein, liechtensteiner, lieutenancy, lieutenant, lieutenant colonel, lieutenant commander, lieutenant general, lieutenant governor, lieutenant jg, lieutenant junior grade, life-threatening, life sentence, life tenant, light intensity, lighten, lighten up, listening watch, locum tenens, lofoten, loniten, loose sentence, lord britten of aldeburgh, low-tension, luminous intensity unit, lutenist, madame de maintenon, magicicada septendecim, magnetic intensity, maintenance man, maintenance staff, maintenon, majorana hortensis, malignant hypertension, marquise de maintenon, marten cat, martensite, mediateness, meiji tenno, mertensia, mertensia virginica, metencephalon, meticorten, militant tendency, minister plenipotentiary, minuteness, misbegotten, mitral stenosis, mitral valve stenosis, moderateness, moistener, moistening, montenegro, more often than not, mortise-and-tenon joint, moth-eaten, mount godwin austen, mountain tent, multipotent, neaten, neonatal intensive care unit, neotenic, neotenous, neoteny, nilpotent, nolo contendere, nonattendance, nonattender, noncontentious, nondirectional antenna, nonextensile, normotensive, nusa tenggara, oaten, oblateness, obsoleteness, obtention, off the beaten track, oftenness, oftentimes, omnidirectional antenna, one-ten-thousandth, one-tenth, one hundred ten, oppositeness, order platyctenea, orthostatic hypotension, ostensibly, ostensive, ostensive definition, ostentate, overextend, pachytene, pack tent, paper fastener, passionateness, past perfect tense, past progressive tense, past tense, patency, patent and trademark office database, patent application, patent ductus arteriosus, patent infringement, patent law, patent leather, patent log, patent medicine, patent of invention, patent office, patent right, patent system, patently, paying attention, pecten irradians, pecten magellanicus, penitentially, penitently, perfect tense, perfective tense, periodic sentence, petiteness, phleum pratense, phylum ctenophora, pine marten, pinus attenuata, platen, plattensee, platyctenea, platyctenean, pluperfect tense, poa pratensis, police lieutenant, polybutene, polyporus tenuiculus, pop tent, pork tenderloin, portal hypertension, postural hypotension, potential difference, potential divider, potential drop, potential energy, potential unit, potentially, potentiate, potentilla, potentilla anserina, potentiometer, potently, pre-existent, precipitateness, preexistent, prepotency, present perfect tense, present progressive tense, present tense, priest-penitent privilege, principality of liechtenstein, privateness, professional tennis, professional tennis player, progressive tense, proportionateness, prunus tenella, pulmonary stenosis, pulsatilla patens, pup tent, pyloric stenosis, pyramidal tent, quatercentennial, quieten, quietening, quincentenary, quincentennial, radio antenna, re-sentencing, real tennis, rebound tenderness, relistening, remittent, remoteness, requisiteness, restaurant attendant, resting potential, retentivity, rhinostenosis, ritenuto, rittenhouse, rotational latency, rotenone, rotten borough, rottenstone, roy lichtenstein, royal tennis, rudbeckia laciniata hortensia, run-on sentence, saint maarten, salsola kali tenuifolia, salvia pratensis, sash fastener, satureia hortensis, satureja hortensis, sauerbraten, scheduled maintenance, school superintendent, sealskin tent, secondary hypertension, sedateness, self-consistent, semicentenary, semicentennial, sentence stress, sentence structure, sentential, sentential function, sententiously, separateness, septenary, septentrion, serbia and montenegro, sex kitten, sexual abstention, shelter tent, shortener, sibley tent, simple sentence, sir edwin landseer luytens, sir john tenniel, sistrurus catenatus, slide fastener, smitten, soft-coated wheaten terrier, softened, softener, st. maarten, staten island, stegosaur stenops, stench bomb, stendhal, stengel, stenocarpus, stenocarpus salignus, stenocarpus sinuatus, stenochlaena, stenograph, stenographic, stenographical, stenopelmatidae, stenopelmatus, stenopelmatus fuscus, stenopterygius, stenopterygius quadrisicissus, stenosed, stenosis, stenotaphrum, stenotaphrum secundatum, stenotic, stenotomus, stenotomus aculeatus, stenotomus chrysops, stenotus, stenotus acaulis, stent, stentor, stone marten, storm-beaten, straightener, straiten, subordinateness, subsistence farming, surface tension, sustentacular, sustentation, sweetened, sweetening, table-tennis bat, table-tennis racquet, table-tennis table, tailless tenrec, take ten, telephone extension, television antenna, temperateness, ten-day fern, ten-fold, ten-gallon hat, ten-membered, ten-sided, ten-spined stickleback, ten-spot, ten-strike, ten-thousandth, ten commandments, ten dollar bill, ten percent, tenability, tenableness, tenanted, tended to, tendencious, tendentiousness, tender loving care, tender offer, tenderfoot, tendergreen, tenderheartedness, tenderisation, tenderise, tenderised, tenderiser, tenderization, tenderized, tenderizer, tending, tendinitis, tendinous, tendon of achilles, tendonitis, tendonous synovitis, tendosynovitis, tendrac, tendril-climbing, tenebrific, tenebrionid, tenebrionidae, tenebrious, tenebrous, tenement district, tenerife, tenesmus, tenfold, teng hsiao-ping, teng hsiaoping, tenge, tenia, tenner, tennessean, tennessee river, tennessee walker, tennessee walking horse, tennessee williams, tenniel, tennis ball, tennis camp, tennis club, tennis coach, tennis lesson, tennis match, tennis player, tennis pro, tennis racket, tennis racquet, tennis shot, tennis stroke, tenno, tennyson, tenonitis, tenor clef, tenor drum, tenor saxophonist, tenor voice, tenoretic, tenorist, tenormin, tenoroon, tenosynovitis, tenpence, tenpenny nail, tenpin bowling, tenpounder, tenrec, tenrec ecaudatus, tenrecidae, tense system, tense up, tensed, tenseness, tensimeter, tensiometer, tension headache, tensional, tensionless, tensity, tensor, tensor tympani, tent-caterpillar moth, tent-fly, tent caterpillar, tent flap, tent stitch, tentacled, tentacular, tentaculata, tenter, tenterhook, tenth cranial nerve, tenth part, tenthredinidae, tenting, tentmaker, tentorial sinus, tentorium, tenuity, tenured, tenzing norgay, tercentennial, threatened abortion, tighten one's belt, tighten up, tightened, tightening, timeless existence, to a great extent, to a greater extent, to a lesser extent, to all intents and purposes, to that extent, topic sentence, totipotence, totipotency, totipotent, totten trust, tragopogon pratensis, tricentenary, tricentennial, trifolium pratense, tsuga mertensiana, tungsten steel, tv-antenna, two-man tent, ultimateness, umbrella tent, unbeaten, unchastened, unenlightening, unenlightenment, unextended, unfastened, unfastener, unfastening, unfattened, unfrightened, union of serbia and montenegro, university extension, unpatented, unpretending, unpretentiously, unretentive, unsweetened, untenanted, untended, unthreatening, up-to-dateness, ureterostenosis, urinary retention, valvular incompetence, verboten, viola tricolor hortensis, wall tent, wheat gluten, wheaten, white-coat hypertension, whitened, with attention, with competence, with ostentation, worm-eaten, written account, written agreement, written assignment, written document, written material, written matter, written record, written report, written symbol, written text, written word, wytensin, xerophyllum tenax, yellow-throated marten, zip fastener, zoysia tenuifolia, zygotene
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Definitions of ten
1. ten - the cardinal number that is the sum of nine and one; the base of the decimal system
  tenner, decade
  large integer an integer equal to or greater than ten
1. ten - being one more than nine
  cardinal serving as an essential component; "a cardinal rule"; "the central cause of the problem"; "an example that was fundamental to the argument"; "computers are fundamental to modern industrial structure"
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