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transmission in Norwegian

radio - televisionnoun sending [u], utsending [u]
  informationnoun overføring [u]
  vehiclesnoun transmisjon [u]
  medicinenoun spredning [u], overføring [u]
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Definitions of transmission
1. transmission - communication by means of transmitted signals
  communicating, communication something that is communicated by or to or between people or groups
  impartation, imparting, conveyance act of transferring property title from one person to another
  public exposure, airing, dissemination, spreading a short excursion (a walk or ride) in the open air; "he took the dogs for an airing"
  transmission channel, channel a passage for water (or other fluids) to flow through; "the fields were crossed with irrigation channels"; "gutters carried off the rainwater into a series of channels under the street"
  channels official routes of communication; "you have to go through channels"
  mass medium, medium an intervening substance through which signals can travel as a means for communication
  multimedia, multimedia system transmission that combine media of communication (text and graphics and sound etc.)
  electronic communication communication by computer
  fiber optics, fiberoptics, fibre optics, fibreoptics the transmission of light signals via glass fibers
  modulation the act of modifying or adjusting according to due measure and proportion (as with regard to artistic effect)
  uplink a transmission from Earth to a spacecraft or the path of such a transmission
  interrogation formal systematic questioning
2. transmission - the gears that transmit power from an automobile engine via the driveshaft to the live axle
  gear mechanism, gear a toothed wheel that engages another toothed mechanism in order to change the speed or direction of transmitted motion
  drive line, drive line system mechanism that transmits power from the engine to the driving wheels of a motor vehicle
  automatic drive, automatic transmission a transmission that automatically changes the gears according to the speed of the car
  clutch a coupling that connects or disconnects driving and driven parts of a driving mechanism; "this year's model has an improved clutch"
  fluid drive an automotive power coupling
  4wd, four-wheel drive a transmission that provides power directly to all four wheels of a motor vehicle
  gear box, gear case, gearbox the shell (metal casing) in which a train of gears is sealed
  hydraulic transmission, hydraulic transmission system a transmission that depends on a hydraulic system
  standard transmission, stick shift a transmission that is operated manually with a gear lever and a clutch pedal
3. transmission - the act of sending a message; causing a message to be transmitted
  transmittal, transmitting
  sending the act of causing something to go (especially messages)
  forwarding the act of sending on to another destination; "the forwarding of mail to a new address is done automatically"; "the forwarding of resumes to the personnel department"
  mailing, posting the transmission of a letter; "the postmark indicates the time of mailing"
  telephotography photography using a telephoto lens
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