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perceptibilitynoun synlighet [u]
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1. visibility - quality or fact or degree of being visible; perceptible by the eye or obvious to the eye; "low visibility caused by fog"
  invisibility, invisibleness the quality of not being perceivable by the eye
  perceptibility the property of being perceptible by the mind or the senses
  conspicuousness high visibility
  visual range distance at which a given standard object can be seen with the unaided eye
2. visibility - degree of exposure to public notice; "that candidate does not have sufficient visibility to win an election"
  salience, saliency, strikingness the state of being salient
  low profile a state of low visibility in which public notice is avoided; "he was never one to keep a low profile"
3. visibility - capability of providing a clear unobstructed view; "a windshield with good visibility"
  uncloudedness, clarity, clearness free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression
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Visibility is a measure of the distance at which an object or light can be clearly discerned. It is reported within surface weather observations and METAR code either in meters or statute miles, depending upon the country. Visibility affects all forms of traffic: roads, sailing and aviation.

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