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withdrawal in Norwegian

armynoun tilbaketrekking [n]
  narcoticsnoun abstinens [u]
  moneynoun uttak [n]
  medicinenoun avvenning [u]
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Definitions of withdrawal
1. withdrawal - the act of withdrawing; "the withdrawal of French troops from Vietnam"
  going away, leaving, departure, going the act of departing
  self-effacement, effacement withdrawing into the background; making yourself inconspicuous
  retreat the act of withdrawing or going backward (especially to escape something hazardous or unpleasant)
  retirement, retreat withdrawal for prayer and study and meditation; "the religious retreat is a form of vacation activity"
  evacuation the act of evacuating; leaving a place in an orderly fashion; especially for protection
  decampment breaking camp
  defection, desertion, abandonment withdrawing support or help despite allegiance or responsibility; "his abandonment of his wife and children left them penniless"
  pullback (military) the act of pulling back (especially an orderly withdrawal of troops); "the pullback is expected to be over 25,000 troops"
  retreat the act of withdrawing or going backward (especially to escape something hazardous or unpleasant)
  receding, recession the act of becoming more distant
2. withdrawal - the act of taking out money or other capital
  remotion, removal dismissal from office
  bank withdrawal the withdrawal of money from your account at a bank
  disinvestment the withdrawal of capital from a country or corporation
3. withdrawal - a retraction of a previously held position
  abjuration, recantation, retraction the act of pulling or holding or drawing a part back; "the retraction of the landing gear"; "retraction of the foreskin"
4. withdrawal - the termination of drug taking
  ending, termination, conclusion the end of a word (a suffix or inflectional ending or final morpheme); "I don't like words that have -ism as an ending"
  cold turkey complete and abrupt withdrawal of all addictive drugs or anything else on which you have become dependent; "he quit smoking cold turkey"; "she quit her job cold turkey"
5. withdrawal - avoiding emotional involvement
  indifference unbiased impartial unconcern
6. withdrawal - the act of ceasing to participate in an activity
  separation the act of dividing or disconnecting
7. withdrawal - the act of withdrawing blood, tumors, etc.; "the nurse was expert at the withdrawal of blood"
  remotion, removal dismissal from office
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Withdrawal can refer to any sort of separation, but is most commonly used to describe the group of symptoms that occurs upon the abrupt discontinuation/separation or a decrease in dosage of the intake of medications, recreational drugs, and/or alcohol. In order to experience the symptoms of withdrawal, one must have first developed a physical dependence (often referred to as chemical dependency). This happens after consuming one or more of these substances for a certain period of time, which is both dose dependent and varies based upon the drug consumed.

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