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ornithologynoun albatros [m]
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Definitions of albatross
1. albatross - large web-footed birds of the southern hemisphere having long narrow wings; noted for powerful gliding flight
  oceanic bird, pelagic bird bird of the open seas
  diomedeidae, family diomedeidae albatrosses
  diomedea exulans, wandering albatross very large albatross; white with wide black wings
  black-footed albatross, diomedea nigripes, gooney, gooney bird, goonie, goony a variety of albatross with black feet
2. albatross - (figurative) something that hinders or handicaps; "she was an albatross around his neck"
  deterrent, impediment, baulk, handicap, hinderance, hindrance, balk, check advantage given to a competitor to equalize chances of winning
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