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established in Spanish

customeradjective fijo, regular, corriente
  habitadjective establecido, generalmente aceptado
  truthadjective establecido
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England established many colonies.
We have established the institute with a view to facilitating the research.
The Renaissance established the dignity of man.
Newton established the law of gravity.
The school was established in 1650.
He has established himself as a musician.
He established a friendly relationship with the natives.
Kublai Khan established the Yuan Dynasty in 1271.
Governments, in order to teach how to enjoy cell phones without being controlled by them, have established behavior rules that limit their use in public places, such as in churches, in schools, or during tests.
Disneyland was established in 1955.
A temporary government was established.
What I mean is that there are limits that need to be established and respected.
Tom is an established writer.
A free port was established.
Tom's involvement in the bank robbery is yet to be established.
British scientists have established that if you turn the flag of Japan upside down, you get the flag of Japan.
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Definitions of established
1. established - brought about or set up or accepted; especially long established; "the established social order"; "distrust the constituted authority"; "a team established as a member of a major league"; "enjoyed his prestige as an established writer"; "an established precedent"; "the established Church"
  unestablished not established; "a reputation as yet unestablished"
  deep-rooted, deep-seated, implanted, ingrained, planted (used especially of ideas or principles) deeply rooted; firmly fixed or held; "deep-rooted prejudice"; "deep-seated differences of opinion"; "implanted convictions"; "ingrained habits of a lifetime"; "a deeply planted need"
  entrenched established firmly and securely; "the entrenched power of the nobility"
  grooved, well-grooved established as if settled into a groove or rut
  legitimate of marriages and offspring; recognized as lawful
  official having official authority or sanction; "official permission"; "an official representative"
  recognised, recognized provided with a secure reputation; "a recognized authority"
  self-constituted, self-established constituted by or established by itself
2. established - introduced from another region and persisting without cultivation
  strange, foreign not known before; "used many strange words"; "saw many strange faces in the crowd"; "don't let anyone unknown into the house"
3. established - shown to be valid beyond a reasonable doubt; "the established facts in the case"
  proved, proven established beyond doubt; "a proven liar"; "a Soviet leader of proven shrewdness"
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