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fatal in Spanish

deadlyadjective mortal, fatal
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Life is a fatal sexually transmitted disease.
The slightest mistake may lead to a fatal disaster.
The scandal was fatal to his political future.
Today is the fatal day that they will attempt their escape.
The last wound proved fatal.
I was led to the conclusion that we made a fatal mistake.
A slip of the tongue is sometimes fatal to a politician.
The wound was fatal to him.
He suffered a fatal wound.
About a third of these diseases can be cured, but the others may be serious, or even fatal.
It can be fatal.
A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal.
It could be fatal.
Nothing is so fatal to religion as indifference.
You have made a fatal mistake.
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Definitions of fatal
1. fatal - bringing death
  nonfatal not bringing death; "nonfatal heart attack"
  deathly, mortal, deadly subject to death; "mortal beings"
  lethal, deadly (of a disease) having a rapid course and violent effect
  terminal causing or ending in or approaching death; "a terminal patient"; "terminal cancer"
2. fatal - controlled or decreed by fate; predetermined; "a fatal series of events"
  inevitable incapable of being avoided or prevented; "the inevitable result"
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