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homicide in Spanish

lawnoun homicidio [m]
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The father and the son will be tried for homicide.
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Definitions of homicide
1. homicide - the killing of a human being by another human being
  putting to death, kill, killing the destruction of an enemy plane or ship or tank or missile; "the pilot reported two kills during the mission"
  honor killing an ancient tradition still sometimes observed; a male member of the family kills a female relative for tarnishing the family image
  manslaughter homicide without malice aforethought
  murder, slaying, execution unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being
  shooting the act of firing a projectile; "his shooting was slow but accurate"
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Homicide refers to the act of a human killing a human being. A common form of homicide, for example, would be murder. It can also describe a person who has committed such an act, though this use is rare in modern English.

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