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juvenile in Spanish

generaladjective juvenil
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The increase in juvenile delinquency is a serious problem.
The augmentation of juvenile delinquency is a serious problem.
Tom is a juvenile delinquent.
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Definitions of juvenile
1. juvenile - a young person, not fully developed
  grownup, adult any mature animal
  mortal, somebody, someone, individual, person, soul a single organism
  juvenile body the body of a young person
  preteen, preteenager a preadolescent boy or girl (usually between 9 and 12 years of age); "little league is intended for the preteens"
  adolescent, stripling, teen, teenager a juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity
  youngster, minor, tiddler, tike, nestling, nipper, small fry, tyke, shaver, fry, child, kid young bird not yet fledged
  ingenue the role of an innocent artless young woman in a play
  young person, younker, spring chicken, youth a young person (especially a young man or boy)
1. juvenile - of or relating to or characteristic of or appropriate for children or young people; "juvenile diabetes"; "juvenile fashions"
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