English-Spanish translation of not present

Translation of the word not present from english to spanish, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

not present in Spanish

not present
personother ausente
Examples with translation
I would like to give him a present for his birthday.
I have a nice present to give you.
I didn't expect such a nice present from you.
Not all the students were present at the class.
All of the students were present.
Every member of the cabinet was present.
How many people were present at the meeting?
All the members were present.
We can record the past and present.
I will give you a present.
All but one were present.
I got a farewell present from everyone.
Thank you for your present.
Only six people were present at the party.
Dorothy sent him a nice present.
Tom never fails to send a birthday present to his father.
All but Tom were present.
A crowd of people were present at a party.
Many boys and girls were present.
Each child was given a present.
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