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Translation of the word orders from english to spanish, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

orders in Spanish

measurenoun órdenes [fp], instrucciones [fp]
Derived terms of orders
Examples with translation
All you have to do is to obey my orders.
I will sell the boat in accordance with your orders.
We have received many orders from the U.S.
I did that work on the orders of my boss.
I must request you to obey my orders.
They didn't come in spite of my orders.
My orders are absolute.
We take telephone orders.
We must execute his orders.
They made sure that these orders were carried out.
Soldiers must carry out their orders.
I have to obey his orders.
Before you give orders, you must learn to obey.
Jessie gave orders that Alex was to be treated well.
Soldiers must follow orders.
The Italian language dies a little every time an anglophone orders "a panini".
They did not like the way he gave orders to everyone.
Hull was given immediate orders to invade Canada.
Every time he comes here, he orders the same dish.
Tom refuses to take orders from Mary.
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