English-Spanish translation of our

Translation of the word our from english to spanish, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

our in Spanish

poss. determiner - pl.adjective nuestros, nuestras
  poss. determiner - sg.adjective nuestro, nuestra
Derived terms of our
adjourn, adjournment, amour, as a last resource, at your convenience, at your leisure, be a matter of course, become sour, boat tour, bourbon, bourgeois, bourgeoisie, bring a case before the court, bring somebody to court, concourse, conducted tour, contour, courage, courageous, courageousness, courier, course, course of events, coursing, court, court of appeal, court of appeals, court of cassation, court of chancery, court of equity, court of justice, court of law, courteous, courteousness, courter, courtesan, courtesy, courthouse, courtier, courtly
court-martial, courtroom, courtship, courtyard, detour, devour, discourage, discouraged, discouragement, discouraging, discourse, discourse on, discourse upon, discourteous, discourtesy, dishcloth gourd, do-it-yourself, downpour, encourage, encouragement, encouraging, entourage, European Court of Justice, extra hour, extra hours, first course, flour, flourish, flourishing, for your own benefit, for your own good, forecourt, four, four times as much, four-cornered, four-engined, four-footed, four-in-hand, four-lane highway, four-leaf clover, four-legged, four-poster, four-poster bed, foursome, four-speed gear, foursquare, fourteen, fourteen days, fourteenth, fourth, fourth stomach, four-wheel, four-wheel drive, four-wheeler, glamourous, gourd, gourmand, gourmet, guided tour, hour, hourglass, hourly, in due course, in our view, intercourse, International Court of Justice, journal, journalese, journalism, journalist, journalistic, journey, journey's end, Luxembourg, Luxembourger, Luxembourgian, magistrate's court, main course, make a detour, malnourished, man-hour, mazourka, mineral resources, mourn, mourner, mournful, mournfully, mourning, move in a spiral course, natural resources, nourish, nourishing, nourishment, of course, office hours, once every fourteen days, ours, ourselves, outpouring, overtime hour, package tour, plat du jour, plinth course, police court, police court judge, potpourri, pour, pour down, pour from, pour out, pouring forth, pouring rain, presiding judge of the Supreme Court, racecourse, rag gourd, recourse, reliable source, resource, resourceful, resources, respectfully yours, rush hour, scour, scourer, scourge, self-rising flour, sexual intercourse, small hours, small-claims court, small-debts court, social intercourse, sour, sour cream, source, source of income, sourpuss, Supreme Court, sweet-and-sour, tambourine, tennis court, tour, tour around, tourism, tourist, tourist class, tournament, tournedos, tourniquet, troubadour, turn sour, twenty-four hours a day, undernourished, undernourishment, velour, velours, watercourse, wee hours, witching hour, work extra hours, working hours, yoghourt, your, Your Eminence, Your Royal Highness, Your Serene Highness, yours, yours faithfully, yours sincerely, yourself, yourselves, fuck your self, amour propre, arbour, ardour, armour, armoured, armoury, basic course, behaviour, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, circular tour, clamour, colour, coloured, colourful, colourless, courgette, courier car, courier vehicle, courteously, demeanour, discolour, earth coloured, endeavour, enjoy your meal, favour, favourable, favourite, female journalist, fervour, flavour, flavourless, floury, forced labour, four hundred, fourfold, four-leaved clover, front court, golfcourse, half-hour, harbour, honour, honourable, human resources, humour, labour, labourer, Missouri, neighbour, neighbourhood, neighbouring, optional course, optional course, elective, outsourcing, parlour, pour in, ruby coloured, rumour, savour, set course, sojourn, Strasbourg, touring, tourney, tumour, unfavourable, vapour, vigour, water colour, what is your name, what's your name, wheat flour, Yours sincerely, 1st earl of balfour, 24-hour interval, achromatic colour, after-hours, agincourt, agricultural labourer, all-devouring, all fours, ampere-hour, anal intercourse, anna amalia mercouri, antitumour, appeals court, appellate court, aqueous humour, arctictis bintourong, armour-clad, armour-like, armour-plated, armour plate, armoured car, armoured combat vehicle, armoured personnel carrier, armoured vehicle, armourer, arthur james balfour, arthur seymour sullivan, au courant, badminton court, bairdiella chrysoura, balfour, baron jean baptiste joseph fourier, basketball court, battle of monmouth court house, battle of spotsylvania courthouse, beauty parlour, beef bourguignonne, beggar-my-neighbour, beggar-my-neighbour policy, beggar-my-neighbour strategy, behavioural, behaviourism, behaviourist, behaviouristic, behaviouristic psychology, belabour, benign tumour, bicolour, bicoloured, billiard parlour, black humour, body armour, body odour, boeuf bourguignonne, boeuf fondu bourguignon, bottle gourd, bourbon dynasty, bourdon, bourgeon, bourgogne, bourguignon, bourguignon sauce, bourn, bourne, bourse, bourtree, brain tumour, brightly-coloured, broadcast journalist, buff-coloured, buffalo gourd, bulbourethral gland, by the hour, california four o'clock, candour, canonical hour, capital of luxembourg, capital of missouri, carrefour, carte du jour, chain armour, change course, change of course, charles fourier, cherbourg, chestnut-coloured, chocolate-coloured, chromatic colour, cinnamomum loureirii, cinnamon-coloured, circuit court of appeals, clamouring, clangour, coach-and-four, collision course, colorado four o'clock, colour-blind, colour bar, colour blindness, colour constancy, colour in, colour line, colour of law, colour scheme, colour supplement, colour television, colour television system, colour television tube, colour tube, colour tv, colour tv tube, colour vision deficiency, colour wash, colouration, colourcast, colouring, colouring material, colourise, colourize, colourlessness, colours, coming into court, common four-o'clock, contempt of court, contour feather, contour language, contour line, contour map, contour sheet, cornflour, correspondence course, county courthouse, courageously, courbaril, courbaril copal, courbet, coureur de bois, courlan, course catalog, course catalogue, course credit, course of action, course of instruction, course of lectures, course of study, course session, courser, coursework, court-ordered, court card, court favor, court favour, court game, court of assize, court of assize and nisi prius, court of domestic relations, court of saint james's, court order, court plaster, court tennis, courtelle, courting, courtliness, courtly love, crash course, cream-colored courser, credit hour, criminal court, curry favour, damourite, damp-proof course, damp course, dark-coloured, dasyatis centroura, day labourer, decolour, decolourise, decolourize, deodourant, deodourise, desert four o'clock, devourer, devouring, direct discourse, discolouration, discoloured, discolourise, discouragingly, discourteously, disfavour, dishonour, dishonourable, dishonourableness, dishonourably, dithered colour, divorce court, dolour, dolourous, domestic relations court, dour, doura, dourah, dourly, douroucouli, drumhead court-martial, dun-coloured, dusky-coloured, dutch courage, duty tour, early-morning hour, ecotourism, edmond de goncourt, edmond louis antoine huot de goncourt, eighty-four, elective course, eleventh hour, elimination tournament, enamour, encouraged, encouragingly, epiphany of our lord, ewing's tumour, extension course, family court, family flacourtiaceae, family macrouridae, faubourg, favourable position, favourable reception, favourableness, favourably, favourite son, favouritism, fawn-coloured, federal court, fifty-four, first-class honours degree, flacourtia, flacourtia family, flacourtia indica, flacourtiaceae, flame-coloured, flavourer, flavourful, flavouring, flavourlessness, flavourous, flavoursome, flavoursomeness, flesh-coloured, flour beetle, flour bin, flour corn, flour mill, flour weevil, flower-of-an-hour, flowers-of-an-hour, fluorouracil, flying colours, food colour, food colouring, food court, for 24 hours, foreign intelligence surveillance court, forty-four, forty-fourth, four-card monte, four-centered arch, four-dimensional, four-flusher, four-fold, four-footed butterfly, four-four time, four-hitter, four-hundredth, four-lane, four-letter anglo-saxon word, four-letter word, four-lined leaf bug, four-lined plant bug, four-lobed, four-membered, four-minute man, four-needled, four-o'clock family, four-part harmony, four-party, four-petaled, four-petalled, four-ply, four-pounder, four-pronged, four-sided, four-spot, four-stroke engine, four-stroke internal-combustion engine, four-tailed bandage, four-wheeled, four-wing flying fish, four-year-old, four flush, four horsemen, four o'clock, four times, fourfold point correlation, fourhanded, fourier, fourier analysis, fourier series, fourpence, fourpenny, fourpenny nail, fourscore, fourteenth amendment, fourth-year, fourth council of constantinople, fourth cranial nerve, fourth crusade, fourth deck, fourth dimension, fourth earl of chesterfield, fourth earl of orford, fourth estate, fourth lateran council, fourth of july, fourth part, fourth power, fourth ventricle, fourthly, francois marie charles fourier, friend of the court, funeral parlour, garnet-coloured, genitourinary, genitourinary apparatus, genitourinary system, genus flacourtia, genus ouranopithecus, georges de la tour, georges gilles de la tourette, gilles de la tourette, gilles de la tourette syndrome, glamour, glamourisation, glamourise, glamourization, glamourize, gold-coloured, golf course, goncourt, good-humoured, good-humouredness, good-neighbourliness, good humour, gourd-like, gourd family, gourd vine, gourde, gourmandism, gourmandize, gourmandizer, graham flour, grand duchy of luxembourg, grand tour, grape arbour, gustave courbet, half-hourly, handball court, handcolour, happy hour, harbourage, have intercourse, high court, home court, homecourt advantage, honey-coloured, honourableness, honourably, honoured, honours, honours degree, honours list, horsepower-hour, hour angle, hour circle, hour hand, hourglass-shaped, houri, hourlong, hours, humourist, humourless, humourlessly, humourous, hymenaea courbaril, ill-favoured, ill-humoured, ill humour, in-your-face, in favour, in favour of, in your birthday suit, indirect discourse, industrial watercourse, inferior court, inner resource, inpour, inpouring, intellectual nourishment, international labour organization, jane seymour, jean baptiste joseph fourier, journal bearing, journal box, journalist's privilege, journey cake, journeyer, journeying, journeyman, jules alfred huot de goncourt, jules de goncourt, juvenile court, kangaroo court, kilometers per hour, kilometres per hour, kilowatt hour, la tour, labor resources, labour-intensive, labour of love, labour pains, labour party, laboured, labouring, labourite, laboursaving, land resources, lap of honour, late-night hour, lawcourt, lead-coloured, liakoura, light hour, light source, lightly armoured, links course, little missouri, little missouri river, louis seymour bazett leakey, lour, lower court, luluabourg, luxembourg-ville, luxembourg city, luxembourg franc, macrouridae, malnourish, malnourishment, malodour, malodourous, man hour, manual labour, margaret court, marquise de pompdour, material resource, matter-of-course, matter of course, mediterranean flour moth, melbourne, melina mercouri, mephitis macroura, mercouri, metal-coloured, metallic-coloured, miles per hour, military court, misbehaviour, misdemeanour, missouri compromise, missouri goldenrod, missouri gourd, missouri primrose, missouri river, missourian, mizzen course, monetary resource, monmouth court house, moot court, mountain four o'clock, mournful widow, mournfulness, mourning band, mourning cloak, mourning cloak butterfly, mourning dove, mourning ring, multi-colour, multi-coloured, multicolour, multicoloured, natural resource, neighbourliness, neighbourly, neutral-coloured, night court, ninety-four, nonflavoured, nonmalignant tumour, nonsolid colour, nourished, odour, odourise, odourless, off-colour, off your guard, oil colour, olive-coloured, on tour, on your guard, one-fourth, one-sixty-fourth, open-source, orange-coloured, order of our lady of mount carmel, orientation course, our lady's bedstraw, our lady's mild thistle, our lord's candle, ouranopithecus, ouranos, out-of-court settlement, outercourse, outsource, papillary tumour, paramour, parlour car, parlour game, parlour grand, parlour grand piano, parlourmaid, particoloured, party favour, passive source, paviour, pea flour, peachy-coloured, pecuniary resource, people of colour, person hour, person of colour, petit bourgeois, petit four, petite bourgeoisie, petty bourgeoisie, photojournalism, photojournalist, pilgrim's journey, pitch contour, plain flour, plate armour, plus fours, point source, pompadour, poster colour, pour cold water on, pour forth, pourboire, pouring, prairie gourd, prairie gourd vine, premature labour, prix goncourt, probate court, propylthiouracil, provost court, quarter-hour, quasi-stellar radio source, radio source, rancour, red-green colour blindness, refresher course, renewable resource, required course, resourcefulness, resourceless, rigour, rigourousness, ring armour, robert louis balfour stevenson, royal court, rumourmonger, saviour, savouring, savourless, savourlessness, savoury, scoured, scourge of god, scourge of the gods, scourger, scouring, scouring pad, scouring rush, scours, self-coloured, self-raising flour, semester hour, sense of humour, seventy-four, seymour, sidereal hour, sincerely yours, sixty-four, sixty-fourth, sixty-fourth note, skin colour, snuff-colour, sodium-vapour lamp, sojourner, sojourner truth, solid-coloured, solidago missouriensis, soup du jour, sour-gum family, sour-tasting, sour bread, sour cherry, sour cherry tree, sour dock, sour fig, sour gourd, sour grapes, sour grass, sour gum, sour mash, sour mash whiskey, sour orange, sour salt, sourball, source book, source code, source language, source materials, source of illumination, source program, sourdine, sourdough, sourdough bread, soured, soured cream, souring, sourish, sourness, soursop, soursop tree, sourwood, soy flour, soybean flour, special court-martial, spectral colour, splendour, sponge gourd, squash court, state supreme court, straw-coloured, succour, succourer, suit of armour, summer savoury, sun parlour, superior court, supreme court of the united states, sweet four o'clock, tabour, tabouret, tambour, tawny-coloured, tea parlour, thiouracil, thirty-four, thirty-fourth, three-fourths, tic douloureux, time-honoured, tour de force, tour de france, tour guide, tour of duty, touraco, tourer, tourette, tourette's syndrome, touring car, tourist court, touristed, touristry, touristy, tourmaline, tours, traffic court, trailing four o'clock, trial court, tricolour, tricolour television tube, tricolour tube, tumour necrosis factor, twenty-four, twenty-four hour period, twenty-four hours, twenty-fourth, two-by-four, ultraviolet source, unarmoured, uncoloured, undernourish, undiscouraged, unencouraging, unfavourableness, unfavourably, unflavoured, unglamourous, uniform resource locator, united states supreme court, universal resource locator, universe of discourse, unmourned, unneighbourly, unnourished, unsavoury, unsoured, up to our necks, up to your neck, valour, vapour bath, vapour density, vapour lock, vapour pressure, vapourific, vapourisable, vapourised, vapourish, vapourous, vapourousness, vapours, varicoloured, variegated scouring rush, vesicoureteral reflux, violet-coloured, vitreous humour, volleyball court, water-colour, water vapour, watercolour, watercolourist, watt-hour, well-favoured, well-nourished, whiskey sour, whisky sour, whistle-stop tour, whole meal flour, whole wheat flour, wilms tumour, winter savoury, world court, yellow journalism, zenaidura macroura, zero hour
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