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prologue in Spanish

generalnoun prólogo [m]
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Definitions of prologue
1. prologue - an introduction to a play
  introduction the act of beginning something new; "they looked forward to the debut of their new product line"
  dramatic composition, dramatic work a play for performance on the stage or television or in a movie etc.
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A prologue (Greek ???????? prologos, from ???~, pro~ - fore~, and lógos, word), or prolog, is an opening to a story that establishes the setting and gives background details, often some earlier story that ties into the main one, and other miscellaneous information. The Greek prologos included the modern meaning of prologue, but was of wider significance, embracing any kind of preface, like the Latin praefatio. In a book, the prologue is a part of the front matter which is in the voice of one of the book's characters rather than in that of the author.

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