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Translation of the word pub from english to spanish, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

pub in Spanish

alcoholic beveragesnoun bar [m], taberna [f], cantina [f]
Synonyms for pub
Derived terms of pub
be published, certified public accountant, Dominican Republic, for public knowledge, in public, Irish Republican Army, make public, notary public, prepare for publication, puberty, pubic, pubic bone, pubis, public, public attention, public building, public conveyance, public defender, public enemy, public holiday, public notice, public opinion poll, public prosecutor, public relations, public scandal, public school, public sector, public servant, public service, public shame, public transportation, publication, publicist, publicity, publicize, publicly, publish, publisher, publishing, publishing company
publishing house, republic, republican, Republican, republicanism, survey of public opinion, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, public health nurse, public square, public trustee, publishable, republication, unpublished, arab republic of egypt, argentine republic, azerbaijani republic, azerbajdzhan republic, baltic republic, banana republic, betula pubescens, brewpub, capital of the dominican republic, central african republic, central african republic franc, chechen republic, cinchona pubescens, co-operative republic of guyana, continuity irish republican army, cypripedium calceolus pubescens, czech republic, democratic-republican party, democratic and popular republic of algeria, democratic people's republic of korea, democratic republic of sao tome and principe, democratic republic of the congo, democratic socialist republic of sri lanka, desktop publishing, dissident irish republican army, doctor of public health, dryopteris thelypteris pubescens, federal democratic republic of ethiopia, federal islamic republic of the comoros, federal republic of germany, federal republic of nigeria, federal republic of yugoslavia, federative republic of brazil, french republic, gabonese republic, german democratic republic, helenium puberulum, hellenic republic, holarrhena pubescens, in the public eye, initial public offering, islamic republic of iran, islamic republic of mauritania, islamic republic of pakistan, italian republic, kyrgyz republic, lao people's democratic republic, lebanese republic, magazine publisher, malagasy republic, master in public affairs, mongolian people's republic, mons pubis, newspaper publisher, nonpublic, os pubis, pediculosis pubis, people's republic of bangladesh, people's republic of china, people's republican army, phthirius pubis, physalis pubescens, pinckneya pubens, portuguese republic, portunus puber, prepubertal, prepuberty, prepubescent, prosopis pubescens, provisional irish republican army, pub-crawl, pub crawl, pubertal, puberulent, pubes, pubescence, pubescent, pubic hair, pubic louse, pubic region, public-relations campaign, public-service corporation, public-spirited, public address system, public charity, public convenience, public debate, public debt, public discussion, public domain, public easement, public executioner, public exposure, public eye, public figure, public house, public housing, public knowledge, public lavatory, public law, public lecture, public library, public mover, public nudity, public nuisance, public office, public opinion, public presentation, public press, public property, public relations man, public relations person, public security, public speaker, public speaking, public toilet, public transit, public transport, public treasury, public trust, public utility, public utility company, public violence, public works, publically, publican, publicise, publicised, publiciser, publicity man, publicized, publicizer, publicizing, published, publishing conglomerate, publishing empire, 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guinea-bissau, republic of haiti, republic of honduras, republic of hungary, republic of iceland, republic of india, republic of indonesia, republic of iraq, republic of kazakhstan, republic of kenya, republic of kiribati, republic of korea, republic of latvia, republic of liberia, republic of lithuania, republic of madagascar, republic of malawi, republic of maldives, republic of mali, republic of malta, republic of mauritius, republic of moldova, republic of mozambique, republic of namibia, republic of nauru, republic of nicaragua, republic of niger, republic of palau, republic of panama, republic of paraguay, republic of peru, republic of poland, republic of san marino, republic of senegal, republic of seychelles, republic of sierra leone, republic of singapore, republic of slovenia, republic of south africa, republic of suriname, republic of tajikistan, republic of the congo, republic of the gambia, republic of the marshall islands, republic of the philippines, republic of the sudan, republic of trinidad and tobago, republic of tunisia, republic of turkey, republic of uganda, republic of uzbekistan, republic of vanuatu, republic of venezuela, republic of yemen, republic of zambia, republic of zimbabwe, republican guard, republican party, republican river, republish, republishing, res publica, right of first publication, right to speedy and public trial by jury, roman republic, russian soviet federated socialist republic, rwandese republic, sambucus pubens, semipublic, serial publication, slovak republic, socialist republic of vietnam, soviet socialist republic, syrian arab republic, thelypteris palustris pubescens, togolese republic, united arab republic, united republic of tanzania, united states public health service, unpublishable, viola pubescens, weimar republic
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