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squad in Spanish

collaborationnoun escuadra [f], equipo [m]
  militarynoun pelotón [m], brigada [f]
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My brother is a member of the rescue squad.
Tom was shot by a firing squad.
The squad was leaded by the general, who stood firm as the hours passed.
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Definitions of squad
1. squad - a smallest army unit
  army unit a military unit that is part of an army
  firing party, firing squad a squad formed to fire volleys at a military funeral or to carry out a military execution
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In military terminology, a squad is a small military unit led by a non-commissioned officer (NCO) that is subordinate to an infantry platoon. In countries following the British Army tradition this organization is referred to as a section. In most armies a squad consists of eight to thirteen soldiers, and may be further subdivided into fireteams.

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