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stick up in Spanish

stick up
crimeverb asaltar, atracar, robar
Synonyms for stick up
Examples with translation
When the school had no books or paper or pencils, she wrote the alphabet on the ground with a stick.
Whatever happens, I'll stick to my principles to the bitter end.
There's little chance of keeping slim, unless you stick to a diet.
The U.S. thinks it is getting the short end of the stick.
I think you had better stick to your present job.
I stick to the old-fashioned.
The dog was sniffing a stick.
Don't stick your nose into my personal affairs.
He was walking with a stick in his hand.
He can't stick to anything very long.
He beat the dog with a stick.
They have decided to stick to the original plan after all.
Shove a stick up your ass.
Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong.
Wet clothes stick to your skin.
The dog sniffed the stick.
Please stick out your tongue.
Make sure you stick together so no one gets lost.
Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.
The shadow of the stick is visible.
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