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Translation of the word walk up from english to spanish, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

walk up in Spanish

walk up
staircaseverb subir
Examples with translation
I can walk to school in 10 minutes.
I'm taking a walk in a park.
May we accompany you on your walk?
However fast you may walk, you can't catch up with him.
You walk too fast for me to keep up with you.
These days you can't walk down the street without seeing people dropping litter.
A strong wind is blowing and I can't walk fast.
I can no more swim than a fish can walk.
When he feels fine, he goes for a walk.
I can walk to school in half an hour.
Can you walk to school, or do you have to take the bus?
It takes us half an hour to walk to school.
The school is located within five minutes' walk of the station.
It is about ten minutes' walk to the station.
How long does it take to walk to the station?
How long will it take me to walk to the station?
It takes twenty minutes to walk from the station to school.
I don't feel like going to the movies. Let's take a walk instead.
I like to walk in the rain.
Rain prevented us from taking a walk.
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