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wheelbarrow in Spanish

toolsnoun carretilla [f]
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Examples with translation
She stumbled over a wheelbarrow.
Tom filled the wheelbarrow with sand.
I have a pick, two shovels and a wheelbarrow.
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Definitions of wheelbarrow
1. wheelbarrow - transport in a wheelbarrow
  transport move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one's hands or on one's body; "You must carry your camping gear"; "carry the suitcases to the car"; "This train is carrying nuclear waste"; "These pipes carry waste water into the river"
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A wheelbarrow is a small hand-propelled vehicle, usually with just one wheel, designed to be pushed and guided by a single person using two handles to the rear or a sail may be used to guide the ancient wheelbarrow by wind. The term ""wheelbarrow"" is made of two words: ""wheel"" and ""barrow. "" ""Barrow"" is a derivation of the Old English ""bearwe"" which was a device used for carrying loads.

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