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aquatint in Swedish

artnoun akvatint [u]
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Definitions of aquatint
1. aquatint - a method of etching that imitates the broad washes of a water color
  engraving, etching making engraved or etched plates and printing designs from them
2. aquatint - an etching made by a process that makes it resemble a water color
  etching an etched plate made with the use of acid
1. aquatint - etch in aquatint
  etch selectively dissolve the surface of (a semiconductor or printed circuit) with a solvent, laser, or stream of electrons
  artistic creation, artistic production, art the creation of beautiful or significant things; "art does not need to be innovative to be good"; "I was never any good at art"; "he said that architecture is the art of wasting space beautifully"
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